Texas K9 attacks rattlesnake to protect her handler and has a swollen nose to prove it

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A heroic Texas K9 in is on the mend after protecting her handler from a rattlesnake.

According to a Facebook post by the Woodway Public Safety Department, officer Joshua Hilliard was walking in his backyard with his K9 Shaka Thursday night, when the dog alerted him to the 3-foot rattler — coiled and ready to strike.

“Unfortunately, Shaka had already attacked the snake in an effort to protect her handler — and was bitten twice on her snout,” the post said. “She was immediately rushed to the Waco Animal Emergency Clinic and given antivenom, and this morning is at South Bosque Veterinary Clinic for monitoring.”

Photos show that her nose was swollen from the bites.

“We are thankful for the quick thinking of her handler, and the around the clock care of our area’s veterinary professionals, for getting her through this scary time,” according to the Facebook post.

Woodway is a small town about 10 miles southwest of Waco.

Comments have been flooding the post from worried individuals and people sending love and good vibes to Shaka as she heals, along with praising her potentially life-saving action.

“Sadness and proudness for K9 Shaka,” one person said. “Glad she could be saved and wishing a complete recovery.”

“Poor baby. So glad Shaka will heal,” another said. “So glad Ofc. Hilliard was safe.”

“Hugs, kisses and big prayers for Shaka!!!!” another exclaimed.

“Poor Baby, what a great protector!” one person said.

“So thankful that Shaka will make a full recovery and that her handler was spared by her quick action,” another remarked.

According to the department, the rattlesnake was removed from the area.

Shaka has been nominated for the Aftermath K9 Grant, and winning the grant money would aid the department to continue running “a successful K9 program,” the department said in the post.

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