testFRWD Teams up with Lufthansa Group to Let Passengers Self-Certify their COVID Tests

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Travelers flying in Europe with Lufthansa, Swiss, and Austrian can use at-home tests integrated with testFRWD’s identyME app

VIENNA, August 03, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--testFRWD, an Austrian provider of AI-powered solutions for self-certifying COVID-19 tests, teams up with the Lufthansa Group to bring at-home tests to passengers on flights to and from Germany and Austria. Passengers flying with Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines, and Austrian Airlines can order self-certified test kits, available at www.identyME.de, compatible with testFRWD’s identyME app from featured suppliers.

German authorities gear up to update the entry regulations, with all incoming unvaccinated travelers except for those recently recovering from COVID facing mandatory tests. The push comes as the country faces an apparent fourth wave of infections.

To make testing frictionless and affordable, testFRWD launched identyME, an AI-enabled app for self-certifying COVID tests. The distributors featured by the three airlines offer compatible test kits at prices ranging from €5.40 to €14.95 per unit. The kits can be used at home, with sample collection recorded on video. Depending on the test type, the official certificate can be issued within 15 minutes.

identyME verifies users with an advanced AI developed alongside testFRWD’s partner Yoti. The solution includes facial recognition, digital identity, and timestamp checks, and requires the user to submit a government-issued ID.

"We are excited to work with EU’s leading airlines," says Veit-Ander Aichbichler, Co-Founder and CEO at testFRWD. "Testing is crucial for keeping the borders open, and tourism can help European economies."

"Testing is the key to revitalizing tourism and travels," says Hennes Weiss, Founder and CMO at testFRWD. "Our solution makes it as hassle-free and quick as possible."

About testFRWD:
Based in Austria, testFRWD built an AI-enabled platform for self-certifying at-home COVID-19 test. Its identyME app relies on QR codes, digital fingerprinting, and facial recognition to prevent fraud. The company’s offering includes at-home self-certified PCR tests, with fast-track distribution in Germany handled by Munich-based TradeArt Gmbh. For more, visit www.testFRWD.de

About identyME:
identyME is an app developed by testFRWD, an Austrian self-certified COVID-19 testing platform, with Yoti, a London-based digital identity company. The app taps AI to verify the user’s identity as they record themself using a compatible test kit before issuing a certified result.

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