Tess Holliday Tells Fans Not to Follow Plastic Surgery Trends: 'You're Perfect as You Are'

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Tess Holliday
Tess Holliday

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday wants fans to think twice before going under the knife for a beauty trend.

On Thursday, the 37-year-old model and body activist shared a video on TikTok and addressed fans using her image and Ashely Graham's as "inspo" for Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs).

"I am pro plastic surgery, I'm pro do whatever you wanna do with your body, I have Dolly [Parton] tattooed on me for a reason," Holliday said.

Added Holliday: "I'm just here to remind you guys that these are trends. Don't do anything to your body to fit into a trend. Don't do it."

"I was told my entire life that how I am was not good enough and I have made money off of how I am. So don't change it. If you want to, great, but don't feel like you have. You're perfect as you are."

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In the caption, she acknowledged cosmetic procedures that she has done, but then reiterated her message.

"Yes I got lip filler yearsss ago and I get Botox occasionally for ME 💞 but plz remember that some of these procedures are life threatening & do your research if you do' love yall! 💓 #effyourbeautystandards," she wrote.

Holliday is no stranger to speaking out about body image.

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In April, she said she was working on repairing her relationship with her body after she was diagnosed with anorexia, and had been "really struggling."

"I'm gonna be honest, I've been really struggling with body image in a way I've never experienced," she shared with her followers on Instagram. "It's been almost debilitating because even though y'all see me out having fun, it sometimes takes so much work and energy just to be able to leave the house."

The mom of two shared a carousel of pictures from an Easter weekend trip along the California coast with her family, and said that these were the first photos she's actually wanted to share.

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"I'm the kind of gal that always wants my photo taken, until lately… and these are some of the first photos I've taken in a while where I saw myself in them and was kind," she said. "(I'm working on it.)"

"Soaking up this family time & feeling grateful, even when it's tough 💕✨," she added.

In December, the star also told fans about her struggle with body dysmorphia — a mental health disorder in which people obsess over perceived flaws in their appearance.

"My body dysmorphia has been really trying me lately and when photos from previous years pop up while I'm scrolling through my phone, it causes me to spiral a bit," Holliday wrote on Instagram at the time.

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But Holliday tries to remind herself the body she misses in those photos are from a difficult time in her life when she was struggling in her marriage to ex-husband Nick Holliday and dealing with anorexia.

"I have to check myself and ask: 'Why are you really sad?' because I like how I looked there — but I was also in the throws of my most disordered eating, in an abusive relationship, and so deeply unhappy."

Holliday said that "now, my body is different but my heart is fuller."

If you or someone you know is battling an eating disorder, please contact the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) at 1-800-931-2237 or go to NationalEatingDisorders.org.