Tesla’s Cybertruck has been recalled again

This time it’s over a faulty windshield wiper and trim.


Tesla’s Cybertruck is being recalled yet again, according to reporting by The Verge. The company issued a physical recall that could impact nearly 12,000 owners of the controversial vehicle.

Here’s how it breaks down. The company’s recalling 11,688 Cybertrucks due to a faulty windshield wiper that could significantly reduce visibility while driving. It’s also recalling 11,383 electric pickups because of trim in the bed that could come loose and create a road hazard for other people on the road. Tesla said that it’s “not aware of any injuries or deaths” related to either issue, according to Quartz.

The NHTSA's recall notice for the wiper indicates that Tesla will replace the wiper motor once the owner brings it in for service. As for the potentially loose trim, the company will apply “adhesion promoter and pressure sensitive tape or replace missing applique as necessary.” Both of these fixes will be free of charge.

This follows another significant recall from earlier this year. That one involved a faulty accelerator pedal that could get stuck during use. The accelerator pedal issue impacted nearly 4,000 vehicles.

It’s tough to figure out what percentage of sales these recalls impact, but it could be just about all of them. Back during the accelerator pedal fiasco in April, Tesla revealed it had manufactured and sold 3,878 units to date. The company hasn’t released updated sales figures but these latest recalls account for nearly 12,000 vehicles. How many more could it have sold since April? Maybe people are snatching them up just for the purpose of spray painting anti-Elon graffiti.

The Cybertruck has been plagued by issues since launch, though most of them didn’t reach the level of a recall. Consumers have complained about an overall lack of visibility, difficulty in off-road conditions, costly repairs, an inability to drive on snow, poor mileage and all kinds of other frustrations. It also starts at nearly $82,000.