This is How Tesla's Autopilot Dodged a Moose Darting across the Street in Sweden Avoiding Crash

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A heart racing moment has been captured by dashcam of Tesla which shows how the vehicle deviated itself to avoid crashing into a moose on a snow covered road. In dashcam footage, it can be seen that the smart vehicle, a Tesla Model S, in a desperate attempt to avoid hitting the moose, quickly turned to the side the moment its installed camera detected the wild animal casually crossing the snow-covered road in Sweden in the dark. The 15-seconds long footage was shared by Daily Mail Online on January 20.

The footage shows a Tesla autopilot driving at a dark road in Sweden when suddenly a wild moose appears in front of it to cross the road. The moose is accompanied with its calf but the baby turns back after spotting a car on the road. Moments later, we see the electronic car steering itself into balance after a while.

The video opens with a smart car driving itself on a road with snow piled on both of its sides when out of nowhere two mice come in front of the car trying to cross the road. While one of them turns back after spotting the vehicle, the other one moves forward successfully crossing the road.

It appears that the autopilot tried to stop the car but due to the ice, the stopping distance got increased. The Tesla driver, David, uses cat-like reflexes to avoid the tragedy. After passing the wild animal, it took 2-3 seconds to gain stability again and move smoothly on the road.

David took to Facebook to share his experience and wrote that he could barely believe it to be true himself. And that he also managed it without visiting a workshop.

There has been a history of car test that originated in Sweden which was known as ‘Moose Test’. During these tests, cars were made to swerve around a set of cones to stimulate the movement of a moose walking on the road. Interestingly, ‘Moose Test’ is used by Swedish car-makers Saab and Volvo when making their vehicles. It can also be used to test how well a vehicle can dodge an obstacle that could occupy an entire lane, like a moose.

Thanks to the clever and effective technology of Tesla, such accidents were avoided. The Tesla Model S has been designed in such a way that it prevents the car from prohibiting out of control and with four-wheel drive, different power levels are sent to each wheel to control the vehicle.

Not everyone is impressed with this technology as many Tesla owners have been criticized for dozing off while driving and abusing the autopilot feature.