Ten-Into-One Headers Sound Like Nothing You Have Ever Heard

driftworks bmw e46 m3 with e60 m5 swap and ten into one headers
10-Into-1 Headers Sound Like Nothing You've HeardDriftworks / YouTube

The Driftworks-built, E46-generation BMW M3 has been astonishing us with its V-10 swap for a long time. It already sounded spectacular with an E60 M5's S85 engine, but the ongoing build has only gotten more ridiculous with its latest modification. The car now has custom fabricated ten-into-one headers, winding over the top like a 1960s Can-Am racer before leading to a "five-exit" exhaust that utilizes both the car's stock four-exit system and a single-exit bypass.

The look is absurd, with the intricately-woven set of five headers on either bank of cylinders winding down into one pipe that goes underneath the front of the engine. What is even more ridiculous is the sound, which takes the M3 from sounding like a mid-00s Formula 1 car to something even higher-pitched even at lighter revving well below the tachometer's listed 10,000 RPM. At full song, the car should be as loud as it is delightful.

While the unique sound is the most satisfying part of the build, this types of exhaust manifold is designed to increase power through a very specific flow of exhaust gases. While that may make this car faster in the end, the biggest appeal here is that it takes an already-unique build to another stratosphere of intricate design. You want an S85 V-10 because it delivers power in such a unique way and with such a unique sound, so a change like this only adds to what makes a final product special.

Via the Drive.

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