Tell us your favorite holiday recipes and special food memories

Our holiday memories have a taste-track that plays on and on forever.

For me it’s fried oysters on Christmas Eve — craggy and cornmeal crusted, dipped from bubbling oil in an ancient cast iron pan in my great aunt’s kitchen. The scent of hot oil lingering in a kitchen always brings me back to these oysters.

It’s also my mom’s sugar cookies — crumbly and chewy, topped with red and green sugar with ridges pressed by a fork. I’d eat these by the fistful, eventually learning to dampen the crashing note played by the lid of the holiday tin.

We’d love to heard about your holiday food memories and the recipes that make these moments sparkle in time. Maybe it’s a jam cake that fills your heart with spice, or how your great uncle gifts bacon every year, or the special way your family takes down a spiral ham.

Use the embedded form in the online story (or this link) to share your favorite holiday recipes and twinkling food memories, or email me at We’ll keep the form open for a week and publish the stories before the holidays.