Share The "Normal" Things That Happened When You Were In School That Are Unheard Of Today

It's pretty evident that today's education system looks very, very different than it was in the past — for better or worse. So many things that were considered "normal" in schools in previous decades are seemingly unheard of today.

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The BuzzFeed Community is filled with people from diverse generations, so I'm asking: "What was something "normal" that used to happen in your school that is unheard of today?"

For example, during the Cold War, it was normal for students to practice "Duck-and-cover" drills in case an atomic bomb was dropped on the US.

Children hiding under school desks during a drill
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Apparently, in the mid-1950s, some states legally allowed 16-year-old students to drive school buses.

Children in a line waiting to board a school bus, daytime in a suburban setting
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And in previous centuries, students who displayed bad behavior would be put in a corner by the teacher and forced to wear a "dunce cap."

Young boy sitting on a stool wearing a dunce cap
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In the comments below, share something that was "normal" when you were in school that would never fly in schools today. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, just fill out this Google Form.