Telegraph readers on the Greek tragedy playing out in the Conservative Party

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Boris - 060722_BORIS-SACKED_LEAD.jpg
Boris - 060722_BORIS-SACKED_LEAD.jpg

Boris Johnson is to resign as Prime Minister and will make a statement to the nation today.

Telegraph readers have stormed the comments section, responded on Facebook and flooded our Politics WhatsApp group in reaction to Mr Johnson's decision, which resulted from a wave of resignations that rocked the Tory government this week.

Leading the charge were the former chancellor Rishi Sunak and former health secretary Sajid Javid, who questioned the PM’s integrity in his handling of the Chris Pincher affair.

While some readers rejoiced over the news that Mr Johnson had finally stepped aside, others expressed sympathy for a Prime Minister who weathered the Covid storm and shored up support for Ukraine, and who was ousted by ministers closest to him.

Read on for the best of our readers' reactions and join the discussion in the comments section.

@Andrew Hicks:

"Thank goodness it's over. The man wasted the fantastic opportunity that the public gave him with an 80-seat majority. He abused the confidence put in him, followed a bizarre green, socialist agenda and lied his way through any objection. Let's now have a Conservative leader following a Conservative agenda with honesty, integrity and purpose."

@Quintus Murphy:

“This country has always been calm in crisis. Let's have a calm and firm Prime Minister with a sense of moral character with a steady head who can restore order and discipline in the midst of a storm and steer the ship to haven.”

@Jacqueline Field-Bibb: via WhatsApp

"I think it is a tragedy for the Conservative Party.  Boris' outstanding support for Ukraine is far more important than a misguided appointment or a breach of lockdown rules. Putin will be delighted. I do not think there is currently any likely contender to replace him who would have an equal hope of winning a General Election. I, for one, will probably withhold my vote."

@Lina Georgioiu:

“Most of these treacherous leeches who have resigned are nonentities keen to further their careers under a new leader. If Boris is out, who will take his place? Sunak, Zahawi et al. have already proven that they have no integrity.”

@S A Coello:

"So Boris Johnson did not survive his night of the long knives after all. I expected him to cling on till his fingernails were raw, although his intention is to remain as a caretaker PM, so we haven’t seen the back of him yet. It has been a bit like having William Brown running No 10, but without the humour. I hope we get Steve Baker as Prime Minister."

@Thomas Birch:

"The Conservative Party needs to have a long, hard look at itself. It should question how an individual such as this ever managed to get to the top - and then surround himself with others who should also never have been anywhere near ministerial office - and find ways of preventing such a disaster happening again.

"Those of us who vote Conservative - and even those who don’t - deserve better than this. We pay the price while they play games, shout 'hear hear' and bang tables.

"This in my view has been one of the most shameful and appalling periods in Conservative Party history."

@Philip Greathead: 

“He had too many enemies. Inside his party and in the media. One word: Brexit. The establishment and the career politicians were always looking for ways to bring him down. I am surprised he managed to stay in position for as long as he did.”

@Hi Gr:

“Thank you, Boris, for getting Brexit through the House of Commons. Whether the results were good or bad. Thank you for getting the right people to get the Covid vaccinations bought and rolled out. Thank you for unlocking the Covid restrictions earlier than some wanted. Thank you, Boris, for your strong support of Ukraine and leading the response.

“We'll forget about the rest and never mention it again. You were somewhat unlucky to be Prime Minister in the time of social media.”

@Jonathan Switch:

“All in all, a pretty woeful performance by the Conservatives, full stop. It started off with Miss May and many others ignoring and obstructing the Brexit vote. Boris then gets elected as leader, wins an 80-seat majority and gives us a half-baked Brexit, windmills and no Conservative policies. 

“As for border control - a total failure. Then Boris gets booted, and we are no doubt going back to a pro-EU liberal PM. If this occurs, I think it might be over for the Conservatives come next election. Nobody is going to believe any more Jam tomorrow promises again.”


“Boris has great strengths and great weaknesses, that has always been the case. Conservative MPs have totally failed to protect him from the latter and allowed their enemies to prevail.”

@John McKinney:

“I have never in my long life seen a more concerted campaign against a public figure, let alone a Prime Minister. Not even Maggie Thatcher had this thrown at her, and at least her Conservative colleagues stabbed her in her back relatively privately.

“From the largest majority in over 50 years, to being thrown out on his ear after a campaign of leaks, rumours and wild overreactions, the Awkward Squad have been massively successful in punishing him for Brexit. Ably assisted by the most unprofessional conduct of the Civil Service in its history. They never said word one about Blair, and look at what he did.”

@Miriam Umney: via Facebook

“With the loss of so much support, Johnson’s position was no longer tenable. Both Sunak and Javid, in my opinion, resigned because they plan to compete to fill his post. Both, again in my opinion, are unsuitable applicants.

“The only one with any real integrity and the personality and competence to take over from Johnson is Lord Frost, who is currently not eligible."

@Richard Lees:

“His downfall started with the firing of Cummings. There has been an internal party-led approach to oust Boris since that moment. As a great leader he has steered this country through Brexit, Covid and the first war in Europe in over 70 years. Let’s be clear, it is the Conservative party and the elite mainstream media who have forced him out.

“He won the landslide for the Conservatives; the people voted for him, not the Conservative party. If the Party isn't careful, they will resign the country to a Labour/SNP Government at the next election, which will see Britain poorer and more badly run with less status in the world.

“We need a great leader now more than ever.”

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