Telangana govt's 'reckless, careless' decision will put the lives of people at risk: Congress

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 AICC spokesperson, Dr Dasoju Sravan (File photo)
AICC spokesperson, Dr Dasoju Sravan (File photo)

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], June 24 (ANI): The Congress party on Wednesday slammed the K Chandrasekhar Rao-led Telangana government for lifting all COVID-19 restrictions and called the move 'reckless and careless'.

All India Congress Committee spokesperson Dosaju Sravan, while addressing a press conference, expressed concerns over the spread of the virus and said the Chief Minister's decisions would put the lives of the people at risk.

"K Chandrashekar Rao's reckless, irresponsible COVID-inappropriate behaviour will put the lives of the people at risk. The Chief Minister should to set an example by following COVID-19 precautions and protecting people, instead of putting crores of lives in danger, by getting back to the old madcap ways," he said.

He further hit out at KCR for touring the state over the past few days and allegedly flouting all COVID-19 precautions.

"It is extremely disheartening to see the CM, who needs to create awareness about COVID-appropriate behaviour, himself setting a dangerous example by disregarding Coronavirus precautions. How come the CM addresses public meetings and takes part in community lunches attended by thousands of people disregarding social distance norms, when the whole nation is reeling under COVID-19 second wave?" he asked.

He further said that it was 'baffling' that the Chief Minister, who has 'relaxed in the Pragati Bhavan for years', had chosen now to meet and interact with them, a time when public gatherings and personal contact have to be avoided at any cost.

KCR has once again returned to his old reckless ways by saying that 'Dolo' is enough to cure Corona, the Congress leader added, accusing the Chief Minister of misleading people.

"While experts are warning about black fungus, white fungus and a possible third wave, CM KCR is quashing all these facts signifying an extreme lack of scientific temperament. Does KCR know more than the AIIMS chief and ICMR? Lakhs of Telangana people have lost lives due to this negligent and foolish attitude of the Telangana Government," he said.

"KCR should know that it is his responsibility to save the lives of people and at least now should refrain from irresponsible and thoughtless acts to avoid a further loss to people's lives," he said.

"While experts warn about a potential third wave if proper COVID-19 precautions are not followed, CM KCR is calling them rubbish and creation of the media. We are getting reports that already more than 1,400 children have got COVID-19 over the past 21 days in Khammam district, possibly signifying the third wave, but the Government is showing no concern," he said.

He further accused the Chief Minister of lying to people about COVID-19 deaths in the state.

"While more than lakh people have died of Coronavirus in Greater Hyderabad limits alone, official reports claim just 3,000 to 4,000 deaths. We have seen how this negligent and incompetent Government has led to the deaths of lakhs of people during the first and second waves. People should be well aware and follow all precautions to prevent a third wave," exhorted Dr Dasoju Sravan.

He further came down heavily on the TRS Government for putting a cap on hospital treatments price just a day ago, while corporate hospitals have fleeced lakhs of people, with exorbitant bills over the past two months.

He said that the Government has brought in this GO in a hasty manner only to save its skin as hearing on the issue is going on in High Court. Dr Dasoju Sravan reveals Government's ulterior motive in opening schools, at a time when experts are warning about a third wave affecting children:

AICC spokesperson Dr Dasoju Sravan admonished the TRS Government for deciding to open schools, even as experts warned about the potential threat to children during the third wave. He fired also accused the KCR-led administration for colluding with private schools managements and putting the lakhs of children's lives at risk for kickbacks.

Referring to the Chief Minister's high profile visit to Vasalamarri village, which 'reeked of preferential treatment and autocratic ways', the AICC spokesperson demanded that KCR show the same interest for all 12,000 villages in the state, instead of focusing on just two or three villages, which were chosen according to their proximity to KCR. (ANI)

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