Teen's Zendaya-inspired outfit gets dress-code violation: 'Too provocative'

“When you just wanna look like @Zendaya but you get a dress code violation for being too provocative.” (Photo: Twitter)

Hannah Whitley decided to kick off her senior year in a fashionable outfit inspired by one of her favorite celebrities — but her school apparently found her attire “too provocative.”

The outfit, a sleeveless striped shirt and high-waisted ankle-length palazzo pants paired with flats, closely mimicked Zendaya’s original — a short-sleeve striped shirt paired with a yellow overall top tucked inside bright, high-waisted palazzos, complemented with towering heels.

“When you just wanna look like @Zendaya but you get a dress code violation for being too provocative, #senioryearblues,” she captioned her tweet, below a side-by-side comparison of the outfits.

When Twitter users saw the “provocative” outfit, they begged the question: Have school dress codes gone too far? Because Whitley’s outfit is modest at best. What about her attire would cause her to get a dress code violation?

“Those wrists might strike a young man’s fancy. He couldn’t concentrate! Better add a scarf and gloves!” suggested one commenter.

“Seriously! Schools need to worry about educating!” another said, with others chiming in with, “It really is a slap in the face to guys. They’re basically saying that males in the school are like cave men and can’t control themselves,” and “I definitely missed where she’s provocative. Keep your head up baby girl. Your style rocks, continue to be you and change the world.”

Other users decided to respond with humor.

Zendaya herself also tweeted to support the high school senior.

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