Tech YouTuber says Tesla's refreshed Model 3 is more luxurious: 'It kind of feels like a mini Model S'

  • YouTuber Marques Brownlee gave Tesla's updated Model 3 a glowing review.

  • Brownlee called the EV a "mini Model S" and said it was more luxurious than the original Model 3.

  • The refreshed Model 3, also called the Model 3 Highland, hit the US last month.

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee tested out Tesla's updated Model 3 and gave a glowing review.

"There's a lot more that's new to this car that sort of add up to me to feel like honestly a worthy flagship," Brownlee said in a review of the electric car. "You could argue this is their most important car and it kind of feels like a mini Model S," he added.

Tesla first announced the refreshed Model 3 — unofficially called the Model 3 Highland — in 2023. The car hit the European market before making it to the US last month. It comes in two new colors and its long-range version has an EPA estimated range of 341 miles. The regular and long-range versions of the new model are currently on sale for $38,990 and $45,990, respectively, according to Tesla's website.

The YouTuber, who said he'd been testing out the new Model 3 for about a week, pointed out several features he felt made the car more of a luxury vehicle — akin to Tesla's top-of-the-line Model S.

"Everywhere you look there there's a lot of little things in the direction of premium, in the direction of comfortable, and in the direction of luxury," Brownlee said.

In the video, Brownlee said he was impressed by the build quality and the premium materials used in the vehicle. He also pointed out that the car had less road noise and a smoother ride. However, he noted the softer suspension made the refreshed car feel not as sporty as the original version.

The car's updated design is also much sleeker and angular, according to Brownlee. Tesla removed the stalks along the steering wheel. In the new version, Tesla also added a touchscreen to the back seating area, customizable LED lights in the cabin, and an improved speaker system.

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