Team USA's curling gold was predicted by 'The Simpsons'

On Saturday, Team USA did something incredible. Led by skip John Shuster, the men’s curling team won their first gold medal ever. They played a heck of a game against Sweden, and sealed their gold medal thanks to the final, gutsy shot by Shuster. It was amazing, but if you watched “The Simpsons” eight years ago, you weren’t surprised.

That’s right, “The Simpsons” didn’t just predict that Donald Trump would become president, the show also predicted that Team USA would win curling gold. The episode “Boy Meets Curl,” the 12th episode from season 21, featured Marge and Homer joining a mixed doubles curling team with Agnes and Seymour Skinner. The team qualified for the Olympics, and despite Marge injuring her shoulder, they won gold. The team they defeated? Sweden! It’s uncanny how much an eight-year-old episode of an animated sitcom episode got right.

Of course, they didn’t get *everything* right. The winning team in real life was the men’s team, not mixed doubles. The third place teams were different. And no one on the curling team is an animated character. But it’s hard to blame the people behind the show for any of that — especially that last one — since they got a ridiculous amount correct and there weren’t even trying.

Team USA’s men’s curling team followed in “The Simpsons” footsteps and won the gold medal. (AP Photo)

Congratulations on your gold medal, Team Shuster! And congratulations, “The Simpsons,” for unwittingly making another eerie prediction about the future. Hopefully the next thing they predict is as fun and cool as this, and not the city-trapped-in-a-dome plot of the movie.