Teachers Everywhere Bombard Ryan Seacrest After Seeing His Latest Instagram Video

Ryan Seacrest seems to always look for new ways to give back to others.

As students headed back to school in early September, the American Idol host shared the unique way he paid things forward to help teachers prepare for the upcoming year. Taking the time to post a montage of short clips on Instagram on September 7, Ryan revealed that he worked with his radio team at KIIS-FM to donate money to different educators across the country. The purpose behind Ryan's on-air movement was to assist in buying all the supplies teachers may need in order to set up amazing classrooms for their students.

"We’ve been buying homeroom supplies for teachers going back to school," he captioned the heartwarming video. "It’s been making my mornings ☀️."

Naturally, folks were also touched to see him be supportive of those working to educate students across the country. Unsurprisingly, they cheered Ryan online for all the good deeds he performed.

"I’m a retired teacher and what you’re doing is a game changer for these teachers — and the benefit for their students will have an incredible ripple effect forever!" one person wrote on Instagram. "Wonderful gesture Ryan! A caring man with a big heart! 💕," another rejoiced. "Way to go Ryan 😍 Great job 👏," a different follower added in the comments.

Through his Ryan Seacrest Foundation, he's spent over a decade creating state-of-the-art media centers (called Seacrest Studios) for children's hospitals throughout the United States. Later this month, he'll head to Queens, New York to open a new one at the Cohen Children's Medical Center.

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