Teacher threw rocks at preschooler and tossed the child into fence, Iowa sheriff says

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A preschooler was attacked by a teacher while on a playground at an Iowa elementary school, authorities said.

The Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office began investigating the teacher on March 13, three days after the incident occurred, according to a March 29 news release.

Investigators found that Erin Michelle Aalfs kicked the child and threw rocks at them, authorities said. The 46-year-old teacher was also accused of tossing the preschooler at a chain-link fence, “causing the student to hit the ground and fence.”

The child was not hurt, according to the release.

Aalfs was a second-year preschool teacher at Moravia Elementary School during the alleged assault, authorities said. She resigned “sometime after the incident was reported.”

Following the investigation, deputies arrested Aalfs on March 29 at her home in Moravia.

During the arrest, authorities said she resisted being taken into custody and injured a deputy.

She was charged with two counts of simple assault in connection to the attack during school hours, authorities said, and one count of interference with official acts, causing injury.

The superintendent for Moravia Community School District told McClatchy News he could not comment on the personnel matter.

Moravia is about 75 miles southeast of Des Moines.

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