Work will go on for this teacher despite Wednesday’s strike

My daughter, an early years teacher with over a decade of experience, will enthusiastically support her union’s industrial action this Wednesday, but also hopes to use some “free time” to catch up on a backlog of school-related tasks. Conscience doth make poorly paid and underappreciated public sector workers of us all.
Marion Worth

• The answer to 7 down in your cryptic crossword (27 January), “Places to learn about harmony (6)”, was “unison”. If I remember my grade 1 music theory correctly, unison is when everyone plays or sings the same note, and there is no harmony. Were the setter and I singing from different hymn sheets?
Phil Dowell
Bridport, Dorset

• They may well talk over the music on Radio 3 (Letters, 29 January), but you have to try Tony Blackburn on Radio 2 if you want the full monty. I used to think DJs did it to dissuade us from recording the music at home – but in my mid-70s, I’m more and more convinced that it’s simply the love of their own voices.
David Cordingley

• If local reports are true, former prime minister “Boris” Johnson is acquiring a home in Charlbury (Report, 29 January), within hailing distance of the house near Chipping Norton owned by his Old Etonian predecessor David Cameron . What have we done to deserve this?
Hugh Datson
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

• Three woodpeckers drumming, 8.51am, 29 January. Yewbarrow Woods, Grange-over-Sands.
Jonathan Stanley
Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria