Taylor vs Cameron LIVE! Boxing fight results, reaction and latest updates as home favourite suffers defeat

Taylor vs Cameron LIVE! Boxing fight results, reaction and latest updates as home favourite suffers defeat

Taylor vs Cameron LIVE!

Chantelle Cameron spoiled the party in Dublin as he became the first fighter to beat Katie Taylor as a professional and defended her undisputed light-welterweight crown.

In a fight between two undefeated, undisputed fighters, and in Taylor’s first professional bout in her native Ireland, the ten rounds flew by as the pair exchanged right through to the final bell, with Cameron relentless in putting the pressure on the home favourite. The step up in weight proved to be too great a challenge for Taylor, with Cameron getting the decision by majority decision - 96-94 on two cards and a 95-95 draw on the other - to keep hold of her titles and cement herself as one of the very best in women’s boxing.

“I was petrified,” Cameron, now 18-0, said after hearing the first judged had scored it level. “I’ve seen results go the other way in the past. It was a close fight and Katie is a great boxer, pound-for-pound the best. My strength is putting the pressure on. I don’t mind getting hit so my corner let me off the leash.”

Taylor vs Cameron latest news

  • Cameron defends titles with points win over Taylor

  • Cully stopped as Felix pulls off huge upset

  • Metcalf takes title off Hogan

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00:27 , Matt Verri

Chantelle Cameron spoiled the party in Dublin as he became the first fighter to beat Katie Taylor as a professional and defended her undisputed light-welterweight crown.

In a fight between two undefeated, undisputed fighters, and in Taylor’s first professional bout in her native Ireland, the ten rounds flew by as the pair exchanged right through to the final bell, with Cameron relentless in putting the pressure on the home favourite.

The step up in weight proved to be too great a challenge for Taylor, with Cameron getting the decision by majority decision - 96-94 on two cards and a 95-95 draw on the other - to keep hold of her titles and cement herself as one of the very best in women’s boxing.

Read our full report here!

Relentless from Cameron

00:13 , Matt Verri

Taylor ready for rematch

00:00 , Matt Verri

“I was expecting a gruelling fight and that’s what it was,” she tells DAZN.

“I obviously came up short. I always love a challenge and I’m looking forward to the rematch.

“This isn’t how I wanted the homecoming to go but I’m grateful that this event could sell out in a couple of minutes.”

23:51 , Matt Verri

Eddie Hearn confirms that there will be a rematch between the two later this year, in Dublin once again.

That Amanda Serrano rematch will have to wait, it would appear. Katie Taylor keen to immediately avenge this defeat.

Reaction from the champion!

23:44 , Matt Verri


23:38 , Matt Verri

95-95. 96-94. 96-94.

By majority decision... AND STILL! Cameron gets the decision!

Thoroughly deserved!

Taylor vs Cameron

23:34 , Matt Verri

Round 10

Strap yourselves in. Two minutes to go.

Cameron clinching, trying to ensure there isn’t any late drama. Taylor’s corner are screaming her forward. Scrappy round, Taylor lands a good left hook on the inside.

Cameron is doing a good job of keeping this on the inside, but she gets tagged with an uppercut. No real momentum allowed so far, again they clinch.

Taylor firing everything late on, but that surely isn’t enough. Cameron 96-94 on our card.

Taylor vs Cameron

23:31 , Matt Verri

Round 9

Taylor standing still, Cameron able to let her hands go. She’s closing the distance well, smothering any success Taylor is trying to have.

Cameron has Taylor on the ropes, firing to the body and this could be a fight-winning flurry. Taylor with a brief response, but uppercut from Cameron follows it.

Another great finish to the round, but I’ve got that to Cameron. She could well be 6-3 up here heading into the final two rounds.

Taylor HAS to have this final round to have any chance, but that might not even be enough.

Taylor vs Cameron

23:28 , Matt Verri

Round 8

Taylor is being pushed right back, Cameron will not stop moving forward. Scrappy first minute, Taylor needs something big.

Uppercut from Cameron, who then catches Taylor as she forces her back onto the ropes. Taylor lands a left hook, Cameron’s face is starting to mark up but nothing that will concern her yet.

Right hand from Taylor, big finish to the round and the crowd go up again.

That might just have been enough for Taylor to edge the round. She still needs these final two.

Taylor vs Cameron

23:25 , Matt Verri

Round 7

Cameron moving so well in there, Taylor can’t get away from her. She’s jabbing Taylor’s head off in this right, the Irish fighter is under big pressure.

Warning from the referee about puncing on the break, Cameron with another flurry in the final ten seconds. That’s a great round for the Brit.

She has to be ahead on the cards. Taylor could well need all three from here.

Taylor vs Cameron

23:22 , Matt Verri

Round 6

Taylor with a good first minute, she might need to win four of these last five rounds after the first half of the fight.

Uppercut from Cameron, here we go... they’re trading in centre ring! Suits Cameron just fine, though she’s taking some punishment now too. Right hook from Cameron, Taylor with a one-two of her own.

They used about a foot of the ring in that final minute, relentless exchanges. Taylor’s round.

Taylor vs Cameron

23:19 , Matt Verri

Round 5

McGregor up on his feet as Taylor lets her hands go, but Cameron doesn’t look bothered by those shots at all.

One-two from Cameron, Taylor is struggling to see it coming as the hair comes across her face again. Impacting her vision a lot. Cameron lines up a massive right hand, Taylor sees that one though and shuffles to the side.

Better finish to the round from Taylor, catching Cameron as she comes in, but you have to think the Irish fighter is behind at the halfway stage.

And they need to fix the hair issue!

Taylor vs Cameron

23:16 , Matt Verri

Round 4

Taylor finding it difficult to stop Cameron marching forward, the Nottingham fighter lands a nice uppercut. She’s enjoying herself when Taylor stands there with her, she’s got the advantage when they trade.

Pressure from Cameron is relentless, and now Taylor is being bothered by hair coming across her face. Corner will need to fix that.

Good round for Cameron. She’s level on the cards at worst.

Taylor vs Cameron

23:13 , Matt Verri

Round 3

Taylor starting to have a bit more success, crowd responding. Still haven’t seen those fast hands and combinations particularly regularly. That’s more like it, right hand gets through and backed up with a jab.

Clash of heads as Taylor looks to roll away from the ropes, both look fine though. Smile from Cameron as another Taylor combination comes in.

Better round that from Taylor. Tight, she’s potentially 2-1 up.

Taylor vs Cameron

23:10 , Matt Verri

Round 2

It’s Cameron looking to set herself in centre ring, getting straight on the front foot. Taylor turns off the ropes though and gets herself out of trouble.

Both are landing good jabs, and Cameron is landing well to the body. Great left hook, but Taylor responds with one of her own.

Taylor spent much of that round on the ropes, Cameron has looked to come flying out of the blocks.

Taylor vs Cameron

23:07 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Sharp start from Cameron, closing the distance and forcing the early pace. Establishing that jab well.

One-two from Taylor catches Cameron, huge roar from the crowd. Starting to put the combinations together, but Cameron responds with a left hook.

It’s absolutely frantic! This fight is going to fly by.

Here we go!

23:05 , Matt Verri

First round is underway! Ten two-minute rounds scheduled.

23:03 , Matt Verri

David Diamante enjoying every second of this too. Giving it full beans.

“Tonight she is the challenger,” he says of Taylor. Not very often she hears those words. To be honest she probably can’t hear much at the moment with this crowd.

Some ring walk!

23:00 , Matt Verri

22:59 , Matt Verri

Taylor makes it to the ring. Another look around before she then ducks through the ropes. Can see how much it means to her to be back in Ireland.

Now, the small matter of giving this crowd the result they want. Cameron is well-capable of spoiling the party.

22:58 , Matt Verri

Well, Taylor is just pacing up and down as they run through the playlist. She’s in no rush to make it to the ring.

Got a bit of a power ballad vibe going on, Taylor looks fairly emotional as she looks out to the crowd. Is there a rule on how long a ring walk can take before you have to actually walk to the ring?

Here we go, she’s now heading in the right direction.

22:55 , Matt Verri

“Tell the world that I’m coming home.” Very apt song choice as Taylor strolls through the corridors backstage.

Cameron might want to settle in here, we’re at least six montages away from Taylor making it to the ring.

22:50 , Matt Verri

Cameron first to make her way to the ring. Not exactly a warm reception.

Undisputed champion, holding all the belts as Taylor comes up in weight to challenge her... still walking first. Tough gig fighting in Dublin!

Dare say she’s not too bothered.

22:47 , Matt Verri

Talking of anthems, Sweet Caroline now pumping around the arena.

Feels like this is going to turn into an absolute war of a fight, whatever either fighter has planned. Very difficult to keep a cool head in this atmosphere!

22:44 , Matt Verri

Irish anthem first up. McGregor getting very excited ringside, as ever.

Crowd have very much put that defeat to Cully to one side. They’re in fine voice again, as loud as it’s been all night.

Main event time!

22:40 , Matt Verri

Well, after that drama it’s time to turn to the big clash of the night. Undisputed vs undisputed.

Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron will be on their way to the ring very, very shortly.

Painful defeat for Cully

22:35 , Matt Verri

22:33 , Matt Verri

Katie Taylor’s dad was in Cully’s corner, took a fair while to throw that towel in. Cully was completely gone about 20 seconds before it was eventually called off.

DJ pumping the music out around the arena, trying to lift the spirits. Tough gig.

22:29 , Matt Verri

That really has killed the mood in Dublin.

Jose Felix cannot stop screaming out in delight. The Mexican has well and truly ruined the party.

Over to Taylor to try and lift the spirits for the home fans...

22:27 , Matt Verri


Cully dropped initially by the right hand, and then down again as he tried to hold on.

Looked to just about be getting his legs underneath him again, but then a left hook caught him flush. Was allowed to carry on for another 15, 20 seconds... but he didn’t know where he was.

Massive shock.

22:25 , Matt Verri

Round 3


Right hand from Felix drops Cully, the Irish fighter is in huge trouble. Has to just hold on, but Felix isn’t letting him.

AND DOWN AGAIN. Cully can’t tie him up, Felix is piling the pressure on. Legs are not there at all for Cully, crowd are trying to rally him.

Massive left hook, stunning shot from Felix and Cully completely stiffens up. He’s gone, surely the referee has to call this off. Cully isn’t there at all. Getting hit with everything.


Cully vs Felix

22:21 , Matt Verri

Round 2

Better from Felix, tags Cully with the left hook as the Irishman comes forward. Some nice body shots coming in too, but Cully responds with a right hook.

Felix is waiting for his moments, looking to catch Cully on the inside when he leaves himself open after throwing.

Good finish to the round from Cully, but it was a pretty even three minutes.

Cully vs Felix

22:17 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Cully has a big reach advantage in there, he’s much the taller of the two fighters. Really is a party atmosphere in Dublin now, right behind Cully.

Cagey start from both, Cully landing a right hand for the best shot of the round but very little in the way of action. Felix has thrown his right hand once and missed by about six yards.

22:12 , Matt Verri

Crowd are really into things now. Atmosphere is incredible.

Superb ring walk from Cully, poor Felix had to stand there and watch it for about five minutes.

Time to get up and running, ten rounds of lightweight action scheduled as the chief support tonight!

22:05 , Matt Verri

“I’m going to land my shots, and then what happens?”

Chantelle Cameron not particularly bothered when asked about how she’ll respond to the entire crowd behind behind Katie Taylor.

Her and Jamie Moore very much had enough of that interview by the end of it. To be expected.

Next up...

21:59 , Matt Verri

Metcalf gets the decision!

21:56 , Matt Verri

Here we go. Time for the cards.

117-110. 117-110. 115-112. Unanimous decision... AND THE NEW!

Metcalf will be taking the title back to Liverpool! Very wide on two of those cards, Hogan unable to get the job done in front of his home fans.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:52 , Matt Verri

Round 12

Rapid start to the final round from Metcalf, as his corner send him out telling him to force the issue and bring the title back to Liverpool. Taken some shots as he does so though.

Hogan’s mouthguard out again, as Metcalf gets to work on the inside. And it’s a point off! The referee has had enough of those tactics. That could be massive.

Hogan really needs to push for it now, but he looks exhausted.

There’s the final bell! Metcalf definitely takes that round, and with the point deduction it could well be his fight.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:48 , Matt Verri

Round 11

Hogan is coming on strong all of a sudden, Metcalf getting caught. Both looking very tired now.

Not for the first time tonight, Hogan’s mouthguard comes out and he’ll stroll over to his corner to have it put back in. Sure that was a complete accident...

Metcalf tries to force the issue late in the round, but Hogan not letting it happen. Maybe just about Hogan ahead on the cards, heading into the final three minutes.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:43 , Matt Verri

Round 10

Metcalf is on top for much of these rounds, but Hogan will then find a few shots to level it up. Making it so awkward for Metcalf.

The Liverpool fighter is the one trying to break free of the clinch and get into a cleaner fight, but Hogan isn’t letting it happen very often at all.

Two rounds to go. Anyone’s fight.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:40 , Matt Verri

Round 9

Hogan needs to find a second wind from somewhere. His world title is in a fair bit of danger as it stands.

Both fighters end up on the canvas, legs got caught there. More blood from Hogan’s face, just to the side of his right eye.

Another scrappy round, another one that will be very tough to score. This is still very much there for either man.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:35 , Matt Verri

Round 8

Hogan with a good right to the body, before Metcalf lands a punch that is very close to the back of the head. Just a quick warning.

Hogan’s corner have sorted that cut, wasn’t a serious one and certainly not something that will be bothering him in there.

Another warning for clinching, and that’s the end of the eighth. Metcalf probably just about ahead on the cards, he’s forcing the pace and Hogan is feeling it.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:31 , Matt Verri

Round 7

Hogan looks a bit wobbled there, as Metcalf puts the shots together. The Irish fighter isn’t able to skip his way out of trouble in this round, Metcalf having much more success.

Bllod coming from Hogan’s right eye, think it was caused by a clash of heads. That will give Metcalf even more encouragement.

Momentum firmly with Metcalf.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:27 , Matt Verri

Round 6

It’s turning into a scrappy bout and that’s suiting Hogan just fine. Metcalf has definitely slowed down, maybe getting a bit frustrated at the lack of rhythm.

Referee is getting a bit fed up with the clinching, and there’s a brief pause as Hogan’s mouthguard falls out.

Fight bursts into life again in the final seconds, Metcalf lets his hands go and Hogan is definitely there to be hit... bell comes at a good time for him.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:23 , Matt Verri

Round 5

Better round from Hogan so far, who looks much more comfortable at close range.

Hogan down... it’s a slip though. Tony Bellew heartbroken at ringside. Fair to say he’s very much pulling for Metcalf.

That was probably Hogan’s best round, stayed out of trouble for pretty much the entire three minutes.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:18 , Matt Verri

Round 4

Metcalf lands another nice right hand, but Hogan is recovering quickly. He’s being given a really tough night though, this has been impressive from Metcalf so far.

It’s the man from Liverpool matching forwards and looking to force the pace. Definitely the cleaner work so far, but Hogan is having some success on the inside.

Still very even.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:15 , Matt Verri

Round 3

Great left hook from Metcalf, he’s coming flying out of the corner. And a lovely right hand to follow it!

But Hogan responds really well, gets himself in the centre of the ring and lands a right of his own, this is the best round of the fight by a mile.

Both a bit more cautious in the final minute, but that was a great three minutes. Metclaf probably just about edging it.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:10 , Matt Verri

Round 2

It’s all very cagey, this is going to be a nightmare to score.

Hogan looks quick when he goes try to close the distance, but Metcalf has now allowed himself to be caught yet. Best of luck to the judges.

Hogan vs Metcalf

21:06 , Matt Verri

Round 1

Metcalf taking centre ring for much of the opening round, both making a relatively cagey start though.

Bit wild from Metcalf there though, lunging in and trying to land a big right. Didn’t close the distance enough with his feet.

Very tight first three minutes.

21:03 , Matt Verri

Huge roars for Hogan, looking to continue what has been a strong night for the Irish fighters so far.

We’re up and running, 12 rounds scheduled.

20:59 , Matt Verri

A very Irish ringwalk from JJ Metcalf! Dublin crowd absolutely loving in, he’s managed to win them over for now.

Dennis Hogan, defending his IBO super-welterweight title, on his way to the ring. He is the home favourite, despite Metcalf’s efforts.

Some thoughts from Katie Taylor backstage

20:52 , Matt Verri

“I don’t feel any extra pressure. I’ve been here and done this before, I’ve been in these big nights before.

“It’s fantastic to be making my homecoming fight. I feel quite relaxed... I’m just excited for it. I can’t wait to step in there and perform.

“I can feel the excitement and the buzz in the nation over this event. I have the chance to become undisputed two-weight world champion tonight, it’s the biggest night of my career.”

Still to come...

20:46 , Matt Verri

We’ve got Gary Cully vs Jose Felix to look forward to a bit later, but before that Dennis Hogan takes on JJ Metcalf.

Then the small matter of the main event. Undisputed vs undisputed. Shaped up to be an incredible night ahead.

Nice and relaxed!

20:42 , Matt Verri

Unanimous decision for Agyarko!

20:38 , Matt Verri

100-90. 100-90. 100-90. And still!

Agyarko wins every round on all three cards, though it wasn’t quite as one-sided as that would suggest.

He moves to 13-0, another ten rounds in the bank.

Agyarko vs Dennis

20:36 , Matt Verri

Round 10

Here we go then. Three minutes to go and Dennis has to find something special.

He lands a nice right hand, Agyarko looking a bit tired now too, he’s definitely slowed down. Just needs to hear the final bell and victory will be his.

All getting a bit messy, neither able to get much away in terms of clean shots heading into the final 20 seconds.

And there is the bell. Good fight, one that Agyarko has certainly won.

Agyarko vs Dennis

20:32 , Matt Verri

Round 9

Not much being thrown in this penultimate round. Dennis obviously needs a knockout if he’s to win this, but he’s not risking anything at the moment.

Both throw left hooks at the same time, cleaner shot comes from Agyarko. He’s three minutes away from a very wide victory on the cards.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor has just strolled into the arena. Big cheers.

Agyarko vs Dennis

20:27 , Matt Verri

Round 8

Dennis is being hit with so many right hands, but keeps moving to the left and leaving himself vulnerable.

Pace has eased off a bit after that frantic seventh round, but Agyarko is still very much in charge of things. On his way to a wide points win. Two rounds to go.

Agyarko vs Dennis

20:24 , Matt Verri

Round 7

Agyarko starting to really let his hands go, he’s trying to go through the gears. Gets caught himself though! Legs stiffen, Dennis with a big smile on his face after landing the left hook.

That’s slowed Agyarko down, needs a bit of time to gather himself again after that.

Looks to have his legs back underneath him, massive right hand and Dennis is just trying to hold on! He’s leaning right back on the ropes, Agyarko throwing everything at Dennis, who is tucking up.

He survives though - will Agyarko be tired now after that big flurry of punches?

Agyarko vs Dennis

20:19 , Matt Verri

Round 6

Agyarko definitely going to the body more this round, maybe an instruction from the corner. Left hook to the head gets through, backed up with a jab.

It’s all Agyarko now, left hook having a lot of success and Dennis isn’t really throwing much back. He’s backing away.

Another round for Agyarko, he’s won at least five of them.

Agyarko vs Dennis

20:15 , Matt Verri

Round 5

Fight still hasn’t really burst into life, Agyarko happy to land his shots and then ease off.

He very nearly got caught there though, came forward and left himself open, uppercut from Dennis not far away from landing.

Agyarko switches to southpaw for the final 30 seconds of the round, nod of respect between the pair at the end of it.

Agyarko vs Dennis

20:11 , Matt Verri

Round 4

Good combination from Agyarko, head and body and it’s his best work of the fight so far. Quick hands are causing problems when he lets them go.

Dennis is starting to be pushed back a bit now, he’s taken a fair few shots this round. Left hook lands on the bell too from Agyarko, great round for him.

Agyarko vs Dennis

20:07 , Matt Verri

Round 3

Agyarko looking really good in there now, but Dennis responds with a nice uppercut.

Dennis charges forward and looks to land a big left hand, Agyarko saw it coming though. He’s probably three rounds up, but they’re pretty evenly-matched.

Agyarko vs Dennis

20:03 , Matt Verri

Round 2

Agyarko has had injury problems with his left hand, but he’s throwing it well enough in the opening couple of rounds. Not a huge amount of action so far to get the crowd excited.

Dennis has held his own in the first six minutes, but Agyarko looks the sharper with his jab. Needs to force the pace a bit more though if he’s to really establish control.

Does so in the final 15 minutes, lands a couple of big right hands on Dennis.

Next up: Caoimhin Agyarko vs Grant Dennis

19:52 , Jonathan Gorrie

A big test for Agyarko on his return from a hand injury. Dennis is something of a veteran, albiet hardly the biggest test.

You feel Agyarko needs a big performance here.

Oh here we go

19:45 , Jonathan Gorrie

Some confrontation in the crowd...

Big win for Carty

19:44 , Jonathan Gorrie

Really good stuff from the Irish heavyweight, getting a pretty sturdy opponent out of there quickly.

A good start for the Irish contingent...

What a finish!

19:35 , Jonathan Gorrie

Seriously impressive stuff!

Thomas Carty vs Jay McFarland

19:34 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: IT’S OVER!

The hometown hero holds off the challenge of McFarlane and drops the Scotsman with a huge left.

Carty wins the Celtic Heavyweight Championship.

Thomas Carty vs Jay McFarland

19:27 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Brilliant round for Carty, McFarlane misses with a late wild right hand.

Thomas Carty vs Jay McFarland

19:26 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: A HUGE 1-2 from Carty in the opening moments sees McFarland hit the canvas!

Main card underway!

19:19 , Jonathan Gorrie

First up we have Thomas Carty vs Jay McFarland in eight rounds of heavyweight action.

Who to look out for on the undercard

19:14 , Jonathan Gorrie

Caoimhin Agyarko.

Over a hand injury now, the middleweight could delight the Dublin crowd tonight.

Here we go!

19:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

A historic night of boxing is about to get underway in Dublin!

Great finish from Paddy Donavan

18:54 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lighting up the undercard!

Why was Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano called off?

18:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

Katie Taylor’s rematch with Amanda Serrano in May has been called following an injury to the Puerto Rican.

The bout had been scheduled to take place in Dublin on May 20 after Serrano’s win against Erika Cruz to become the undisputed featherweight champion.

Taylor beat Serrano via a split decision in the first women’s contest to top the bill at Madison Square Garden last April.

Dublin’s 3Arena had been expected as the venue to host the rematch after negotiations between the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) and promoters Matchroom Boxing to stage it at Croke Park fell through over “security costs”.

A statement from Matchroom read: “Due to an injury sustained by Amanda Serrano, Matchroom Boxing and Most Valuable Promotions regret to announce that the Taylor-Serrano II bout on May 20 in Dublin will not go ahead as planned.

“The teams are in discussions about finding a revised date for the bout. Further details will follow in due course.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

What a night of boxing!

18:26 , Jonathan Gorrie

Taylor vs Cameron straight into Haney vs Lomachenko.

A huge night!

Katie Taylor: Dublin ‘god’ not feeling the nerves ahead of homecoming

18:21 , Jonathan Gorrie

At 36 years old and with 22 professional fights to her name, Katie Taylor finally has her homecoming fight in Dublin on Saturday night.

Ireland has been without a big fight night since a shooting at a boxing weigh-in in 2016 at Dublin’s Regency Hotel which led to the death of gang member David Byrne.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has allayed safety fears and played down earlier suggestions that Matchroom had provided additional security to the event as Taylor steps up in weight to light-welterweight against undisputed champion Chantelle Cameron.

The 3A Arena in Dublin has long been sold out and Ireland’s capital is currently in rapture to Taylor, who has been a countrywide star long before turning professional six years ago.

Read Eddie Hearn’s full interview with Standard Sport here!


Latest odds

18:07 , Jonathan Gorrie

Taylor to win: 1/2

Cameron to win: 13/8

Draw: 14/1

Taylor to win by KO/TKO: 14/1

Cameron to win by KO/TKO: 10/1

Taylor to win by points or decision: 8/13

Cameron to win by points or decision: 12/5

Odds via Betfair (subject to change).

Taylor vs Cameron prediction

18:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

Taylor deserves huge credit for calling Cameron out and pushing for this fight after Serrano’s injury, when many in her position would have settled for an easier opponent and a more routine night back on home soil.

Wins over McCaskill and Mary McGee have shown just how good Cameron is, and with eight knockout wins to her name she will be confident of causing Taylor problems with her power, particularly with the size advantage as the Irish fighter moves up to 140lbs.

At times in the Serrano fight, Taylor was wobbled when the pair stood in the centre of the ring and traded, and while a repeat of those exchanges would mean another memorable fight is in store, it would leave the home favourite uncertain.

There will inevitably be plenty of moments when the pair do both let their hands go, particularly amid a raucous atmosphere, but Taylor’s speed and movement could be just enough to see her edge it, with Cameron likely needing to do something very special to get the decision in Dublin.

Taylor to win, via split decision.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Undercard/fight card in full

18:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

Terri Harper was due to defend her WBA and IBO super-welterweight titles tonight, but will now fight on the Mauricio Lara-Leigh Wood 2 undercard in Manchester next week instead after Norwegian challenger Cecilia Braekhus woke up unwell on Saturday. Thomas Carty’s bout with Jay McFarlane for the vacant Celtic heavyweight belt has been moved to the main card as a result.

Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron

Gary Cully vs Jose Felix

Dennis Hogan vs JJ Metcalf

Thomas Carty vs Jay McFarlane

Caoimhin Agyarko vs Grant Dennis

Maiseyrose Courtney vs Kate Radomska

Paddy Donovan vs Sam O’Maison


Start time: Undercard from 7pm, main event at 10:30pm

18:01 , Jonathan Gorrie

The main undercard is scheduled to get underway at 7pm BST, with ring walks for the main event itself expected at around 10:30pm. As ever though, those timings are subject to change.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch Taylor vs Cameron

17:59 , Jonathan Gorrie

TV channel: Taylor vs Cameron is being shown live on Saturday night via DAZN, which is available on smart TVs and via Sky channel 429 in the UK. It is not on pay-per-view but instead part of the usual DAZN subscription.

Live stream: The DAZN app and website will offer a live stream service online across mobile devices, laptops, games consoles and more. A subscription to DAZN currently starts from £9.99 per month in the UK.



17:41 , Jonathan Gorrie

Good evening and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Katie Taylor’s HUGE fight at Dublin’s 3Arena tonight as one of the biggest names in boxing returns to her home.

It is the first time Taylor has boxed in the Irish capital as a pro and tonight’s fight is unique. Chantelle Cameron is about a tough and ask as they could come.