Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Have ‘Discussed’ And Are ‘Excited’ About Their Future

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Have ‘Discussed’ And Are ‘Excited’ About Their Future

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce aren’t about to get engaged, but they are feeling really good about their future, a source told Entertainment Tonight. The insider shared that the two have indeed talked about their possibilities as a couple. What exactly that conversation entailed and whether it involved talk of eventually getting engaged, the source did not specify.

“Taylor and Travis are doing really well,” the insider said. “They try to spend as much time as they can together. Travis also makes it a point to make sure Taylor feels as comfortable as possible at his home. They have discussed their future as a couple and are excited at the idea of it.”

For now, Travis’ attention is on the short-term. “Right now, Travis is focused on Valentine’s Day and wants to do something fun and special for Taylor,” that source said.

Taylor attended Travis’ game yesterday against the Buffalo Bills. Travis had a great night, scoring multiple touchdowns. After one, he made Taylor’s Fearless heart hands gesture on camera and blew a kiss, presumably to her in the stands.

There have been several updates on Taylor and Travis’ relationship in the last week. Most recently, on January 18, a source told People that the couple is “really happy together.” Their long-term future is still to be determined though, the source made clear: “They’re having a lot of fun, but they’re still seeing where it goes.”

The day before, a source claimed to Daily Mail that Travis isn’t ring shopping imminently, but is starting to imagine what an engagement ring could look like.

“He isn’t going to propose to her anytime soon, so no one should get those hopes up, but he has talked to family and friends about what he could do that would be special for an engagement ring,” the source alleged. “Travis’ career is a major focus for the next several weeks. He has to get the job done. He wants another Super Bowl ring, but it is safe to say that there is room to think about Taylor. And when it comes to Taylor, he loves her and sees a future with her and has thought about what a ring for her would be like as well. He has thought of having a lyric or a quote engraved on the band that is special to both of them, and he has also floated using some of the diamonds from his Super Bowl rings on her band. He wants to make sure it isn’t something cheesy, but more unique and something that is a part of him that he shares with her to show that forever means forever.”

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