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Taylor Swift look-alike responds to accusations that her Grammys invite was faked for more TikTok views: 'People still think you're lying'

If you’re going to get mistaken for a celebrity, we can all agree that being a Taylor Swift lookalike isn’t the worst thing in the world.

That’s exactly what’s earned Ashley Leechin (@noitisashley13) a massive following on TikTok, where she regularly uploads videos to her 1.1 million followers showing her uncanny resemblance to the Midnights singer.

But despite her online popularity, Leechin recently found herself in some hot water after claiming she was invited to the Grammy Awards, only to be “uninvited” just days later. Even after explaining what happened, people question whether the entire thing was an unfortunate scam or a ploy for content.

The TikToker originally shared the news on Jan. 31, expressing her shock over getting some “surreal” news.

“What’s up guys, it’s just Ashley here,” she began, before saying that both she and her cat Sloan had something they’d been “dying” to tell fans.

“Yes, it is official, I have partnered with the Grammys — yes, the 2023 Grammys — [and] I am headed there this Sunday,” she continued. “There’s going to be so many amazing performers, it’s going to be an incredible night for music.”

While Leechin didn’t say what she would be doing at the Grammys other than attending, she did share what she was most excited about: Meeting the real Taylor Swift on the red carpet.

For days, Leechin built up the anticipation by showing a behind-the-scenes look at the dress she planned to wear and sharing details of her trip to L.A.

But before the big night arrived, Leechin hopped back on TikTok to post a series of updates alluding to the fact that she had been “uninvited” to the Grammys as her plane landed in L.A.

Naturally, her fans had questions and started bombarding her account with their theories.

While some thought it was a scam, others accused the super fan of being “delusional” and a “pathological liar.”

In a series of follow-up videos, Leechin tried to respond directly to the criticism and insisted that she had proof she never lied.

“I’m ready to go ahead and show you guys the receipts, show you everything that I went through the past two weeks,” said Leechin, before getting into the details of what happened.

The content creator claims an entertainment company known as Sweety High contacted her. The company has a verified account on TikTok with more than 13 million followers. The contact person — later identified as a woman named Marion — claimed they were partnering with the Grammys and wanted to connect with Leechin about a potential opportunity.

After a brief business call, the contact told Leechin she could get a ticket to the awards show if interested and that more information would be coming if she agreed. That said, Leechin was made aware that she’d have to foot the bill herself for things like flights, hotel accommodations and meals. In addition, there would be no compensation.

At this point, Leechin admits that both she and her husband (who acts as her manager) began to have questions, and as the date of the awards show drew closer, she admits to having a “feeling” that something wasn’t quite right.

But at the same time, her contact at Sweety High seemed to reassure her that things were legit and that she’d actually be walking the red carpet when she got there. The TikToker even received an official contract, which she pored over with her publicist and requested amendments to before signing.

Even though Leechin never received a final version of the contract, signed by all parties, she apparently felt confident enough to move ahead and fly to L.A. It wasn’t until she landed that she says the rug got pulled out from under her.

“I am not on here to speak ill of anyone,” Leechin said in one of her videos, “this is just a learning experience.”

That said, her followers weren’t necessarily buying it.

“So we all agree that she was never going, right? It was either two things, neither of which are better. It’s either she was never going, and it was a scam, or she was going and Taylor Nation were like, ‘Never mind,'” one user said.

In another follow-up video, Leechin insisted that she would never lie about something like this and would have kept quiet about it had she not been forced to make the initial announcement about her trip.

“I would have never have announced that I was going to the Grammys when I did not know and I didn’t have a ticket, if I wasn’t told that I needed to make that video by midnight on Jan. 31,” she shared.

Once Leechin learned she didn’t have a ticket to the awards show, she claims a rep for Sweety High offered to give her “a bunch of money” to settle any controversy. But according to the TikToker, “It wasn’t about the money for me, it was more about the experience.”

“And after she found out I had reached out to the CEO [of the Grammys] she got very, very angry, and tried to offer more money to keep me quiet,” Leechin claimed about her Sweety High contact.

In the days since, the Swiftie lookalike attempted to answer more questions from fans and defend herself to any haters who still didn’t believe her. But despite her many receipts, skepticism still hangs over her. And the trolls have definitely not been kind.

“Oh girl, I don’t doubt that you were invited. I’m sure you were,” one person wrote. “Taylor just definitely found out and said no way.”

“Why would anyone want to invite someone to the Grammys jst cause they look like someone else who is actually a musician??” another person questioned. “Make it make sense.”

Even so, Leechin still has a bunch of supporters in her corner, who have been pretty vocal in their defense.

“Provides all the proof yet people still think you’re lying,” one user commented. “Honestly I believed you without all the proof. Not sure why people are so angry.”

“Cannot believe the amount of hate you get,” another person told her. “The insane amount of work it would take 1 person to make up all these ‘lies’. Don’t let them get to you.”

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