Taylor Swift Just Dropped a Rare TikTok From Her Night Partying With Travis Kelce

taylor swift, travis kelce
Taylor Dropped a Rare TikTok Partying With TravTikTok

As you may or may not have noticed, Taylor Swift spent Sunday night (February 11) celebrating the Chiefs’ Super Bowl win at a giant after-party. And tbh, we’re guessing she saw all the footage and said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ because the singer went ahead and posted her own video to TikTok, which she captioned, “Accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life” and “It’s a friends and family party they said. Bring your parents they said.”

*cut to Travis sticking out his tongue and footage of Scott and Andrea Swift sitting in a corner*

This is the first time Taylor has posted Travis on any of her social media accounts, so it’s definitely a big moment! That said, the two are pretty public about their relationship at this point, considering the fact that this past Sunday alone they kissed at the Super Bowl in front of a live audience of millions and then spent the evening dancing and kissing to Tay’s music. Basically, they’re living out A Cinderella Story in real life:

So what’s next for these two? Taylor appears to have flown back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas, while Travis stayed back to presumably celebrate with his team for a few more days. The musician is then expected to be in Melbourne on February 16 for her Eras Tour. What’s more? There’s a buncha speculation that Travis will be joining her in Australia now that he’s finally made it to the off-season and has some free time on his hands. Sooooo, yeah, stay tuned!

Oh, and just in case ya missed their club kiss:

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