Taylor Swift jokes after tripping and nearly falling while performing in Tokyo

Taylor Swift has relatably joked off a stumble while performing in Tokyo for her Eras Tour.

During the Folklore part of the show on Friday 9 February, the singer was thankfully able to catch herself and started laughing about her near fall, which occurred as she made her way down the stairs and off the roof of a cabin constructed on the stage.

“I almost fell off the Folklore cabin, but I didn’t, and that’s the lesson," she told the crowd in a clip that has since been uploaded to X, formerly known as Twitter. “My life flashed before my eyes. It’s all good, everything’s fine, everything’s great. I’m just so happy that I didn’t fall off the Folklore cabin, you know what I mean. What a great night in Tokyo.”

This isn’t the first time that the “Karma” singer has had a mishap, as she nearly slipped off her chair while performing “Vigilante S**t.”

Swift’s last performance before starting the Tokyo leg of her tour was the 2023 South American leg of her tour on 26 November in Brazil. In response to the singer’s latest trip-up, fans have praised her relatability.

“My new favourite video of Taylor just being real and clumsy like the rest of us,” one comment on X read.

Amid her shows in Japan, fans aren’t sure how, and if, she will be attending this year’s Super Bowl, but they are hopeful.

Throughout the NFL season, Swift has attended 12 of the Chiefs games to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, but there are some roadblocks for her to attend this game.

The Grammy winner has been able to show up to every Chiefs game during the last month of the regular football season, including the playoffs, because there was a break during the international leg of her Eras Tour. However, that tour started back up again on 7 February and she will be performing in Tokyo, Japan, until 10 February.

Fortunately, the Embassy of Japan has issued a statement regarding her travel plans, taking to X to confirm she will be able to make the trip.

“The Embassy of Japan in the United States is aware of recent media reports concerning the steps Taylor Swift will need to take to travel from Tokyo after her concert on 10 February to Las Vegas in time to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play in Super Bowl LVIII,” the statement began.

“Despite the 12-hour flight and 17-hour time difference, the Embassy can confidently ‘Speak Now’ to say if she departs Tokyo in the evening after her concert, she should comfortably arrive in Las Vegas before the Super Bowl begins.”

The statement continued: “We know that many people in Japan are excited to experience Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, so we wanted to confirm that anyone concerned can be ‘Fearless’ in knowing that this talented performer can wow Japanese audiences and still make it to Las Vegas to support the Chiefs when they take the field for the Super Bowl wearing ‘Red.’”