Taylor Swift Defended a Fan Mid-Concert Who Was Being “Harassed” by Security

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Taylor Swift is on her Vigilante Sh*t. 

The Midnights musician was forced to intervene during her arena performance on Saturday night when she noticed a security guard was allegedly harassing a group of concert-goers. 

While performing her aptly-timed revenge song, “Bad Blood” during night two of her Eras show in Philadelphia, video footage from the concert showed Swift pausing between lyrics to defend her fans. 

“She's fine,” Swift said while continuing to sing. “She wasn't doing anything… Hey! Stop!” 

One angle of the interaction was captured by TikTok user Briana Layfield, who wrote in the caption: “hey @Taylor Swift THANK YOU from all of us on the floor for yelling at that security guard. he was a pain in the ass the entire night and the fact that this happened during #badblood made it even better.” 

TikTok user Caitlin Gabell posted a video claiming it was she and her friends who Swift was defending and said the guard was extremely strict the entire night. 

“I was the girl,” Gabell said in a video. “Basically, the guard had been like, harassing our group all night.” 

Gabell said the guard kept telling their group “not to touch the rail," and was constantly “on top” of them whenever they were dancing and enjoying themselves. 

“Taylor noticed that I was having fun and he didn't like it, and she didn't like it,” she continued. “And then he basically got escorted out and they offered us free tickets for tonight.” 

Gabell also added that it “wasn't this big crazy thing,” and that the guard just “didn't want us to have fun." 

A Twitter user who goes by Cheyenne tweeted that they were at the Philly concert and explained that the security guard was “fully putting their hands on us to physically push us off the barricade instead of just telling us to move.” Cheyenne also added that the guard was “very very aggressive” when doing so. 

Swift is expected to play her third show in Philadelphia on Sunday night. Hopefully, there aren't any other overzealous security guards working. 

Originally Appeared on Teen Vogue

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