Energy Star products are tax free in Texas this weekend. Here’s what you can buy

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Texans can save money on certain energy-efficient appliances and other home goods during the sales tax holiday next weekend.

May 28-30, 2022, is the Energy Star sales tax holiday in Texas, when residents can purchase certain items and avoid paying as much as 8.25% in sales tax. Energy Star is the U.S. government-backed blue and white symbol for energy efficiency.

This logo indicates which items will be tax-free this weekend.
This logo indicates which items will be tax-free this weekend.

Many types of appliances and products have the Energy Star symbol on them, though not everything qualifies for the tax-free weekend.

Shoppers can buy tax-free items online, by telephone or in stores. For online orders, the item has to be paid for by the customer during the exemption period, but can be delivered after.

The tax-free holiday starts at 12:01 a.m. on May 28 and ends at midnight on May 30. In the event of needing a refund or other help, the Texas Comptroller recommends calling 800-252-5555 for assistance.

What qualifies as tax-free in Texas?

The qualifying Energy Star products you can buy, rent or lease tax-free are:

  • Air conditioners (with a sales price of $6,000 or less)

  • Refrigerators (with a sales price of $2,000 or less)

  • Ceiling fans

  • Incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs

  • Clothes washers

  • Dishwashers

  • Dehumidifiers

What’s not tax-free?

Even if these items are labeled with Energy Star, you’ll still pay sales tax:

  • Water heaters

  • Clothes dryers

  • Freezers

  • Stoves

  • Attic fans

  • Heat pumps

  • Wine refrigerators

  • Kegerators

  • Beverage chillers

Additional charges

All delivery, shipping, handling and transportation charges by the seller are part of the product’s sales price, meaning that it’s all tax-free.

Installing free-standing charges are also included in the item’s sales price, but it has to on the approved list for the holiday. Since air conditioners and refrigerators have price caps, consumers need to look at the item’s total sales price to determine if its under the limit.

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