Tax breaks for big business don’t hurt Texas. Don’t turn us into another California

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Those are just the breaks, Texas

Regarding the May 15 front-page story “Big Breaks”: These tax breaks are a big part of the package that Texas has used to successfully lure big businesses to the state. The state isn’t losing anything. This kind of red flag waving to get the public riled up while spinning the truth is part of what ruined California. We watched it happen and moved here to escape it.

Residential property values have risen because people like us relocated here en masse to escape this liberal nonsense. I hope the good folks here will see through the foolishness you’re pushing. We have nowhere left to move.

- Barbara Rogers, North Richland Hills

How can they call this ‘ready’?

After the power outages of February 2021, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas said that the grid was more prepared for hot weather than cold. In light of those statements, why are officials already asking customers to limit usage? (May 19, 11A, “Texas is the king of energy states. Why can’t we be sure the power will stay on?”)

Exactly what weather conditions are they prepared for?

- Robert W. McCoy, Azle

Joe Biden is no Harry Truman

Where does the buck stop? President Joe Biden needs to have a sign on his desk saying, “Please be aware that the buck will always be passed on.”

- Angela Benvenuto, Arlington

Glenn Rogers is for the people

Parker County needs to send conservative leaders to Austin, but we must make sure that they are servants of the people, not pawns of billionaire oligarchs. Do not trust the Texas Scorecard or any flyer from the Defend Texas Liberty PAC, as both are funded by West Texas billionaires Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks. Their candidate of choice in House District 60, Mike Olcott, is a puppet who would not get any meaningful legislation passed.

Do not let these tycoons buy our seat in the Texas House. We must vote for Glenn Rogers, a man who stands up for the people, who refuses to bow down to elites and who has withstood a barrage of lies about his record. Vote for this humble public servant.

- Hunter Reynolds, Willow Park

Kay Granger did her assignment

The fact that Rep. Kay Granger is Lockheed Martin’s personal congresswoman doesn’t make her an expert on what our Navy needs. She should let go of her personal ego trip over the USS Fort Worth and let the Navy put this waste of taxpayer money to sleep. (May 19, 1A, “Granger speaks against Navy plan to scrap USS Fort Worth”)

Rep. Granger, you did your job: You got a big contract for your pet defense contractor. Now let the Navy cut America’s losses. Propose another unneeded fighter jet, and you’ll feel better in the morning.

- Dennis Novak, Fort Worth

A computer chip solution

Intel chief executive Pat Gelsinger just warned the American people that the semiconductor shortage will last until 2024, up another year from previous estimates. (May 6, 3A, “With chips still in short supply, car and truck prices keep surging. When will it end?”) With the shortage, prices on computers, phones and even cars will continue to rise.

A bill being negotiated in Congress would bolster the domestic production of semiconductors. The Bipartisan Innovation Act, which would fund the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors, or CHIPS, for America Act, would create domestic manufacturing jobs while rectifying American supply chains.

Science, technology, engineering and math are essential for our next generation to embrace. This bill will do more for our nation’s future by funding advanced STEM education and apprenticeships.

Tell Congress our country needs the tools to compete with the economic forces and technological advancements of China.

- Ken Moore, Plano

Come to Texas, not South Korea

President Joe Biden is going to South Korea. How can he and Vice President Kamala Harris take these trips and not go to Laredo or Del Rio and see firsthand our real border problems? There are a lot of people coming across the border illegally, and some have impressive rap sheets and would continue down that path in our country.

We wonder why our country is going downhill? It’s called Democratic leadership.

- Eddie Spotanski, Fort Worth

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