Tarrant County commissioners are paying themselves while the rest of us struggle

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Commissioners’ own interests

I can’t believe the audacity of our Tarrant County commissioners in adopting pay raises and one-time payments to themselves and other public employees, when their constituents have lost jobs and suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. (Sept. 22, 1A, “Tarrant County commissioners approve raises, sparking debate”) And if that wasn’t bad enough, they are considering a $1,000 vaccine incentive for employees and spouses. (Sept. 24, 1A, “County considers $1K vaccine incentive for employees”)

How is it that our leadership didn’t know this was listed on a salary summary and when questioned didn’t speak against it? Please tell us you are smarter than this.

- Donald Warner, Arlington

This is not leadership

At a time when fact-based leadership is badly needed, our county commissioners are failing us. Instead of modeling a response with vaccinations as our best option for taking care of ourselves and those around us, as well as keeping schools and businesses open, Tarrant County officials want to be paid $1,000 for what they should have been first in line to do.

Instead of lining their pockets, they should be using funds to aggressively market vaccine clinics in areas where the percentage of individuals vaccinated is perilously low.

- Paul Hartman, Fort Worth

This is not the vision we need

Kathleen Parker totally misses the mark in her Sept. 24 column on immigration reform. (13A, “Where are the visionaries we need to fix immigration?”) A merit-based program is a better approach than simply admitting who can run fastest.

A growing movement toward socialist programs will only aggravate the problem of illegal immigration. We need contributors, not dependents.

- Ken Sapp, Granbury

An audit just gives us assurance

For me, an audit of the election is a positive idea, not from a Democratic or Republican point of view but that of a voting citizen. (Sept. 25, 1A, “Tarrant County ‘ready to assist’ with audit of 2020 election”)

All public businesses perform independent audits each year to make sure they have operated appropriately, and financial details are stated for public knowledge. Audits discover issues to be addressed. Each state should conduct election audits, with each party selecting a county and the results made public.

- John Milburn, Granbury

Abbott letting himself be bullied

I keep seeing references to Gov. Greg Abbott “caving” to pressure from former President Donald Trump for an election “audit.” Although Trump won Texas, he failed to win a second term as president. Most Texas residents could find a dozen worthier places to spend our tax dollars, and an audit of the 2020 election results would be far down the list.

Trump is a bully. Abbott is wimping out to a bully. I sincerely wish the governor would man up to the bully and show others how it’s done.

- Linda Bartles, Fort Worth

Get books in kids’ hands

I’m dismayed at the condition of Fort Worth public school libraries. Here is a suggestion to help them buy more books: The public libraries, community college libraries and public schools should work together to build collections suitable for schools in their service areas. Our tax dollars fund all three, and collaboration in purchasing and lending could add value for our children.

- Carol Everhart, Mansfield

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