From Target to Costco: What stores are closed Easter weekend

Though the end of March means the weather will stall in the high 50s and low 60s, the sweet satisfaction of the warm sun is just ahead. In the days before April, we soak up the last few chills of cosy season before we pick up, dust ourselves off (our homes especially), and revel in what feels a lot more like spring. Of course, this year, the last three days of March will host two widely-recognised holidays, Good Friday and Easter.

Good Friday, the day of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion, according to the Christian church, will take place on 29 March. Then, on 31 March, millions of Americans will gather with their loved ones, painting and hunting eggs, to celebrate Easter.

For those planning to contribute a last-minute dish to your family’s Easter brunch or needing to pick up some extra supplies for a weekend full of spring cleaning, you might want to check store openings ahead of time as several places will likely be operating on holiday hours.

According to USA Today, US Postal Service facilities, UPS Store locations, and FedEx will all be open on Good Friday.

Here’s a full list of all the banks and stores that will be either open or closed over Easter weekend.

All city, state, and government buildings and courthouses will be open on 29 March.

Bank of America, Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, and CitiBank will all operate during normal Friday hours.

The US Stock Market will be closed on Good Friday.

Aldi will be closed on Easter.

Costco will be closed on Easter.

Home Goods will be closed on Easter.

TJ Maxx will be closed on Easter.

Sam’s Club will be closed on Easter.

Lowes will be closed on Easter.

The Container Store will be closed on Easter.

Best Buy will be closed on Easter.

Most Banana Republic stores will be closed on Easter but select locations will operate during holiday hours.

Staples will be closed on Easter.

Nordstrom will be closed on Easter.

Select Marshalls stores will remain open on Easter with limited hours.

Target will close for Easter Sunday.

Ace Hardware will be closed for Easter.