Tara Reid Praises Jennifer Coolidge, Asks Her to to 'Push' Another American Pie Movie 'Forward'

Tara Reid, Jennifer Coolidge
Tara Reid, Jennifer Coolidge

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Tara Reid wants Jennifer Coolidge back in one of her most iconic roles — and can anyone really argue with her?

The American Pie actress, 41, joined Australian talk show Studio 10 where she shared that she wants Coolidge, 61, to push for another addition to the comedy series.

When asked about Coolidge's recent Golden Globe win for her work on The White Lotus, Reid gushed over her former costar.

"That was amazing, Jennifer is a comedic genius and so sweet. She loved American Pie. We all did," she said.

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Tara Reid Praises Jennifer Coolidge
Tara Reid Praises Jennifer Coolidge

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Now, Reid wants Coolidge to use her critical acclaim to push for another sequel.

"Come on, Jennifer, you're a powerful woman right now! Push it forward," she joked on the show.

In her breakout role in the iconic film, Coolidge's character has a fling with Paul Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas), a classmate of her son, Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott).

While Coolidge has moved on with other projects in the 24 years since the premiere of the original film, the chances of her joining a sequel if it landed in her lap aren't slim.

During her acceptance speech at the Globes, Coolidge joked that her role as Stifler's seductive mom launched her career and she wouldn't shy away from reprising it in additional sequels. (She's already appeared in three: American Pie 2 and American Wedding and American Reunion.)

"The Weitz brothers kept me going with five American Pies, I milked that to gold," she said."I mean I'll still go for six or seven, whatever they want."

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american pie, jennifer coolidge
american pie, jennifer coolidge


Her American Pie role may have also assisted Coolidge in more ways than one. In December, the Legally Blonde actress told Ariana Grande how the franchise boosted her dating life for Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year issue.

"It helped my dating life in a way that I can't ever explain," Coolidge said of the movie, after Grande asked about Coolidge's personal favorite roles over her career. "If I hadn't had that movie, I don't think… Well, let's just say it would've been a very dull decade."

Eugene Levy, Jennifer Coolidge, Tara Reid and Seann William Scott
Eugene Levy, Jennifer Coolidge, Tara Reid and Seann William Scott

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In August last year, Coolidge also detailed to Variety how she was able to have sex with an additional 200 men because of the film's success. Though, in her conversation with Grande, 29, she revealed 200 may have been an exaggeration, she did experience a new boost in her sex life.

"I did say that jokingly [in August] and, God, you really can't make jokes in our town, because I did make the terrible mistake of saying, 'Thank God for that movie, I got to sleep with 200 men,' or whatever," Coolidge said during the conversation. "And look, I would love to say that was true, but I mean, that was sort of an exaggeration — so I'm glad you're asking me."