'Get over yourself': Fitness influencer criticized after sharing video of her 'loose skin'

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Tammy Hembrow. (Image via Getty Images/Instagram).

A popular fitness influencer is drawing criticism after sharing a video of her “loose skin” with fans.

Tammy Hembrow boasts more than 11 million followers between her personal and fitness Instagram accounts. The 25-year-old Australian model and mother of two is known for her toned bikini body and easy-to-follow booty workouts,. However, she recently revealed to followers her body bares physical “reminders” of her pregnancies.

Earlier this week, Hembrow shared a video of herself touching her flat stomach while posing in a crop top and underwear.

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“Yes, I’ve got loose skin on my stomach,” she captioned the post. “It’s just a reminder of my two babies and how incredible the human body is.”

The video, although initially intended to promote her fitness app, has received mixed reviews from followers. Many have criticized Hembrow for trying to appear relatable to her followers, knowing that her body is considered “perfect” by most people.

“Loose skin? [She’s] taking the piss,” one follower wrote. “Millions on here would do anything to be as physically, mentally and financially privileged as you. Get over yourself.”

“She’s just looking for attention,” another wrote.

(Photo by Presley Ann/FilmMagic)

However, many have praised Hembrow for sharing her “flaws” and embracing her post-baby body.

“As a mom of two who’s desperately trying to get her body back, this is so encouraging to see,” a Hembrow fan wrote. “I never would have known, and this tells me there is hope for me!”

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This isn’t the first time Hembrow has shown off her excess skin. In 2018, she shared a video of herself tugging at her washboard abs.

“Some people ask me how to get rid of loose skin after having a baby without realizing I still have it! Loose skin is pretty much inevitable after having babies, but clean eating, moisturizing, staying hydrated and working out before, during and after pregnancy can help,” she captioned the post.

Hembrow encouraged her followers to be kind to themselves in an effort to normalize postpartum bodies.

“Whether you have stretch marks, loose skin etc., just know that there’s nothing wrong with it!” she added. “It shows what your body has been through so you should choose to embrace it!”

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