Tamala Jones says she filmed 'whole day' of For Your Love amid brain hemorrhage: 'I hit the floor'

Tamala Jones says she filmed 'whole day' of For Your Love amid brain hemorrhage: 'I hit the floor'

Tamala Jones soldiered through one of the most difficult — and dangerous — periods of her career while filming the hit sitcom For Your Love.

The 48-year-old actress revealed on Friday's episode of Tamron Hall that she put in a full day of work on the former WB comedy while unknowingly grappling with a brain hemorrhage.

"I was born with it. I wasn't expecting that, and no one else was. It was a headache that happened for two weeks straight. I was taking all of this sinus medicine and Tylenol. I probably should've taken an aspirin. It kept going," she told Hall. "One morning I woke up, I didn't have any balance, I felt like I had to urinate really bad, I stumbled to the toilet and nothing came out. My head started hurting really bad, and then I hit the floor. When I got up, the right side of my body was numb."

She continued, noting that she called her boss on the show and told her that she was apprehensive about coming in to film on the last day of production for the show's fourth season.

Jones says that an on-set doctor was provided, but she felt well enough to keep shooting.

Tamala Jones
Tamala Jones

Everett Collection Tamala Jones

"I got in the car, not realizing [the right side of my body] was done," she said. "My right foot was so heavy I had to put my left foot manually on the brake and move the gas pedal. I drove to work, left foot, left hand, worked all day."

She again reiterated to Hall that she filmed a "whole day" of the show before going to the hospital. "The doctor was like, I'm in awe that you're alive, let alone worked all day," Jones recalled.

Jones added that she feels fine today, but has learned to listen to her body when it tells her that something is off.

In addition to her work on For Your Love, which premiered on NBC in 1998 before being picked up by The WB, where it ran until 2002, Jones has appeared in films like Booty Call, The Wood, and on the 2021 ABC drama series Rebel, which was inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich.

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