Talking boxing, pro wrestling and his doc ‘Stallone: Frank, That Is’ with Frank Stallone

Jim Varsallone
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With all the podcasts out there, if Frank Stallone ever decided to host one, I would listen, and I’m sure many others would, too. He has charisma, plenty of stories and the gift for gab.

Watching his documentary “Stallone: Frank, That Is,” he’s lived the dream. OK, sometimes the dream turns a little nightmarish, but he finds a way to continue moving forward, and he is still “Far From Over.”

Stallone, a class act, is in his sixth decade of entertaining, performing.

An accomplished singer, song writer, musician, actor and boxer, yes, boxer, Stallone is also an entrepreneur.

He co-founded a guitar line to make high-quality guitars affordable to guitar players of all levels. He has many experiences throughout his career, including boxing and pro wrestling.

A few weeks ago, he appeared on the radio show “Hall of Fame,” hosted by two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Just before I interviewed him, he guested on “Talk is Jericho,” hosted by AEW star wrestler and WCW and WWE alumnus Chris Jericho.

In my video interview with the versatile, multitalented performer, we spoke about 40-plus minutes, and we covered a lot of ground, including boxing, pro wrestling, baseball, football. I could have spent another 40 minutes conversing with him.

Frank Stallone discusses his documentary and Terry Funk, Paradise Alley, Hulk Hogan, Rocky, boxing, Muhammad Ali, Angelo Dundee, “Miami Vice,” Bill Conti, Tom Brady, Ted Williams, mom Jackie Stallone and more.

About Frank Stallone

Frank is one of the most well rounded faces in Hollywood, from singing to songwriting to acting.

Not only that, Frank is also a world class boxing historian/collector and defeated Geraldo Rivera in a boxing match sponsored by Howard Stern as seen on “The Howard Stern Show.”

Frank actually started boxing before “Rocky” premiered, and he was taking real punches while his brother was pretending to get hit as a boxer. Frank and Hulk Hogan (Thunderlips) were part of “Rocky III.” Frank, years later, was a contestant on “Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling,” a reality competition series on CMT that followed 10 celebrity contestants as they trained to be professional wrestlers. Frank had a respect for pro wrestlers, prior, and it was enhanced when he joined that competition.

Frank not only appeared with Hogan in “Rocky III” but also with pro wrestling legend Terry Funk (Frankie The Thumper) in “Paradise Alley.”

Frank grew up a a pro wrestling fan, noting “Classy” Freddie Blassie, Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, Bobo Brazil, Killer Kowalski, The Kentuckians and mentioned Sgt. Slaughter and Iron Sheik continuing their tradition. Years later, his mom, Jackie, worked on the original “GLOW-Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” TV series.

Frank continues to entertain — singing and performing are his favorites.

What a career, what a life for Frank Stallone, the ups, the downs, the others. Many know him; many like him; and many respect him. He is a true entertainer and a true inspiration.


Frank Stallone has remained one of the most versatile talents in Hollywood for more than four decades.

His music career has earned him three Platinum Albums, 10 Gold Albums, five Gold Singles and seen him top the charts worldwide. His movie soundtracks have audiences across the globe gripped to some of the most iconic movies; including The Expendables 2, Rocky I, II and III, Rambo II, Paradise Alley, Over the Top and the Saturday Night Fever sequel Staying Alive, which earned him Golden Globe and Grammy Nominations. His smash hit “Far From Over” reached No.1 on the Billboard charts.

Frank Stallone, the singer, the songwriter.
Frank Stallone, the singer, the songwriter.

All the while Frank’s on-screen career has seen him act in more than 75 films and TV shows, including Miami Vice, Tombstone and the cult hit Barfly.

So why does Frank remain one of the least known famous faces in Hollywood? Find out as we go behind the scenes of Hollywood’s elite, in this fascinating documentary, told by Frank himself and those that know him best.

Special appearances by Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Billy Dee Williams, Billy Zane, Joe Mantegna, Talia Shire, Geraldo Rivera, Christopher McDonald, Danny Aiello, Burt Young, Jackie Stallone, Frankie Avalon, Richie Sambora, John Oates, Bill Conti, Bruce Buffer, Gene LeBell and more.

The Stallone brothers.
The Stallone brothers.

Stallone: Frank, That Is (Branded Studios) is a 73-minute documentary available on Digital and VOD.




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