A tale of 2 Black Rock Cities: Burning Man attendees document wildly different experiences, from 6-mile hikes through the mud to dancing the night away

A tale of 2 Black Rock Cities: Burning Man attendees document wildly different experiences, from 6-mile hikes through the mud to dancing the night away
  • The annual Burning Man festival is underway in the popup town of Black Rock City in Nevada.

  • On Friday, attendees were ordered to shelter in place when torrential rain gave way to mud.

  • Attendees documented their experiences on social media, showing two vastly different worlds.

Burning Man attendees are documenting their time at the festival across social media, showing their wildly different experiences at the weeklong event in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

From Ebola rumors (which were quickly swatted down) to shelter-in-place orders due to torrential downpours and the threat of trench foot, attendees' time at the festival has run the gamut.

On TikTok and X, formerly known as Twitter, attendees shared some daunting situations, such as flooded tents, porta-potties, and food portions that hearkened back to Fyre Fest 2017.

The famed DJ Diplo documented his great escape from the festival on Saturday, where he walked six miles trudging through mud, hitchhiked with the comedian Chris Rock, and walked barefoot to catch a private jet to make his DJ set in Washington, DC, that same evening.


Another TikToker said her father paid $7,000 to attend the festival, captioning her video, "Pray for him people," complete with crying emojis.


Not everyone, however, is facing apocalyptic-like scenarios at the annual festival. Some attendees have opted to shelter in place and are making the most of their time, embracing the festival's culture of self-sufficiency.

As Insider previously reported, festivalgoer Angie Peacock said she was having fun at the event, which marks her first time at Burning Man.

"This is my first time," she told Insider. "But you can still find joy in it, even though it's not going the way we planned it."

Peacock talked to Insider on Saturday after finishing a naked mud run with other attendees.

People stand in mud with a double rainbow above them.
People wade through mud and water at Burning Man 2023.JULIE JAMMOT/Getty Images

And on TikTok, a photographer named Teejay Hughes posted a reply video that said the headlines surrounding the festival hadn't captured its true essence.


"The news articles are honestly so wild, I don't think people understand burning man people like to mess with people, and some of these 'reports' are jokes lol," he wrote.

In his video, some attendees could be seen enjoying a night party standing on top of a tank spewing flames, while others danced about the grounds.

"Sure there's some people trying to leave early, but the festival technically doesn't end until Monday. For anyone stuck here or running out of water / food, let me know! We got plenty," he continued.

Another TikTok video posted by the DJ and musician Chloé Caillet showed attendees gearing up to pass out food and snacks to those who may have run out.


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