Taiwan Reports Chinese Incursions as US and Japan Carry Out Military Exercises in Philippine Sea

The US Navy and Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force joined forces in the Philippine Sea on January 22 to carry out the largest drills involving aviation-capable ships there since October.

Navy footage shows ships and aircraft from the USS Carl Vinson and USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Groups, Carrier Air Wings 9 & 2, and the USS America and USS Essex Amphibious Ready Groups alongside Japan’s Escort Flotilla 2.

“Nothing reaffirms our commitment to a #FreeandOpenIndoPacific like 2 Carrier Strike Groups, 2 Amphibious Ready Groups sailing alongside our close friends from the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force,” said a tweet from the US 7th Fleet, attributed to its commander, Vice Admiral Karl Thomas.

Following the exercises, Taiwan’s defense ministry reported an incursion into its air defense identification zone (ADIZ) of 39 Chinese military planes on January 23, and a further 13 on January 24. Credit: US Navy via Storyful