Taber Fire Department ensuring safety at the pump

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Beyond just putting out fires, another key element that the Taber Fire Department is responsible for is fire prevention. With gas being naturally very flammable, the fire department has taken it on themselves to ensure it is stored safely.

“Steve Swarbrick (assistant fire chief) is the fire prevention officer and is in his second year of setting up tank inspections — so petroleum tank inspection or above or underground storage tanks of flammable liquids,” said Steve Munshaw, Taber fire chief. “He is in the process of doing the inspections for its second year, getting everything online, making this community safer, and environmentally friendly.”

Swarbrick discussed how they took on this responsibility after the province ended their contracts with local fire departments to inspect gas tanks.

“Previously to now, the province had a contract with us to cover that part of the fire code, the flammable liquid storage tanks, and when we took it over, we were the first municipality in Alberta to take it back from the province,” added Swarbrick. “I have qualified inspectors to go around and take care of all that gas stations, used oil tanks, everything in town. We’re inspecting them to make sure that they are safe and properly maintained. It is something to be very proud of for our fire department.”

Munshaw briefly spoke about the individual parts that need to be inspected to ensure the gas tank is safe and in working order.

“All of those tanks in town are inspected make sure the lines, the tank, the connections, the transfer pumps, and the connection to your vehicle, are all maintained well and are in good working order,” said Munshaw.

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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