‘This can’t be real’: Social media erupts after Miami cops unveil Black History Month car

Miami police unveiled a Black History Month-themed cop car on Thursday afternoon, and many took to social media to share their dissatisfaction with the concept.

The red, yellow, green, blue and pink vehicle includes Black fists raised in protest and an outline of Africa. It honors the history and the legacy of the Black police precinct and the officers who served there, Officer Kiara Delva, a police spokeswoman, told attendants.

The unveiling was at the Black Police Precinct & Courthouse Museum, built in the historically Black neighborhood of Overtown in 1950 — as a separate police station and municipal court for Black police officers, judges and defendants — before closing in 1963.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez made a point to highlight a decrease in complaints against officers in the last year, as well as over 330,000 interactions between police and the public.

“I’m very proud of the way our officers behave,” Suarez said. “We embrace our history. We know where we came from.”

Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales took to the podium to honor the first Black men to join the department in 1944 — Officers Clyde Lee, Moody Hall, Edward Kimball, John Milledge and Ralph White. The specially crafted police cruiser was made, in part, as a tribute to them.

“They stood against all odds, not only against those in the community who wished to stop them but members from their own department that wished to stand in their way,” he said.

Morales also remarked he was excited and surprised they hadn’t done an endeavor like this earlier.

“Diversity is incredibly important because it makes us better, enriches our ability to connect with our neighborhood and it makes us want to be better every single day,” Morales said.

Social media ignites over car unveiling

Thousands of Twitter users did not see eye to eye with police on what they described as an honor and legacy to Black history.

“Who thought of this?” @angela_rye tweeted.

“Imagine getting racially profiled by a cop in a Kente cruiser,” @GummiPies said.

@KaoticLeftist said in a sarcastic tone: “What if we just put black history month on police cars and didn’t make any other changes.”

“I’ve never seen anything more performative and disgusting,” @OhDangitEvie tweeted.

@MatthewSHarriso said: “So, the city of Miami thinks the only black history occurred in Africa? I’m quite confused.”

“Instead on focusing on community policing, sensitivity training, increase mental health professionals in policing, etc.. the Miami police department did this,” @MikeRivero_FL tweeted.