Hey T-Mobile, nobody wants your suitcase

The 'Un-carrier On' is smart, silly and expensive.


Have you ever wanted to use your luggage as a workstation? No? Don't tell T-Mobile that, then. The provider and Samsara have unveiled a smart carry-on suitcase, the "Un-carrier On" (sorry about the pun), whose stand-out feature is the ability to double as a desk. Like a handful of other bag makers, T-Mobile thinks you'll rest your laptop on your baggage while you finish a must-send work email. That strikes us as potentially uncomfortable if the case sits on your lap, especially if you have to stare at T-Mobile's eye-searing magenta — did we mention that's the only color option?

There are some practical features. T-Mobile claims this is the only carry-on suitcase with wireless charging for your phone, and there's USB-C charging if you prefer cables. You can track the case when it invariably gets sent to the wrong airport, and an eight-bag packing set (with conspicuous T-Mobile branding, of course) keeps your toothpaste safely away from your shirts.

The limited edition Un-carrier On will ship later in November, or just in time for that Thanksgiving family visit you may or may not be dreading. However, the scariest part is the price — T-Mobile is asking $325. That's a lot to pay for a carrier promo on wheels, even if the functionality might come in handy at the gate. You might want to slip an item tracker into a conventional carry-on instead.