‘SYTYCD’ Judges Impressed by ‘Most Bizarre Audition’ They've Ever Seen

Twenty-three-year-old Ryan Bailey of Baltimore, Md., brought his odd dance style to So You Think You Can Dance, and the judges hardly knew what to do with him. Judge Mary Murphy said, “That was the most bizarre audition we’ve ever seen.”

Dancing to “The Time of My Life,” the theme song of the movie Dirty Dancing, Bailey incorporated convulsing, shaking, and making his hands into what Judge Vanessa Hudgens thought looked like ducks. But Bailey also did some incredible spins and leaps that made the judges’ jaws drop. Nigel Lythgoe said to Bailey, “Do you know why I liked it? Because I didn’t really like it. But I liked the fact that I didn’t like it because it gave me emotions. It changed my thought about dance. And, you know, every now and again, you need a kick up the backside to sort of go, ‘Yeah, this is something different.’ I mean, I hated it, so I liked it.” Bailey responded, “Thank you, I guess.”

In the end, despite his bizarre style, the judges just couldn’t deny Bailey’s unique take on dance, and he got the votes to go to the Academy.

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