Sydney Sweeney Channels Her New Bai Drink Flavor in Pink Alaïa Maxidress, Talks Wellness Tips and Snacks on the Set of ‘Immaculate’

Sydney Sweeney has teamed up with Bai to debut a new flavor of the fruity beverage: raspberry lemon lime. On Thursday, the “Euphoria” star attended a launch event in New York, channeling the drink’s deep pink hue in a pleated Alaïa maxidress.

Amid a faux grove of lemon and lime trees, Sweeney discussed the creative process behind her new Bai flavor, which was about a year in the making.

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“While I was filming ‘Immaculate,’ Bai sent a bunch of different combinations of the flavors that I picked out,” Sweeney told WWD. Her latest film, out March 22, follows a nun’s journey to a mysterious convent. “We did a taste-testing experiment with my grandmas and my mom and my aunt, who were in Italy with me because I flew them out to be extras. We tallied which ones they liked, and everyone agreed on this flavor.”

Raspberry lemon lime also takes inspiration from one of the actress’ favorite childhood pastimes: berry-picking. Sweeney grew up in the lush mountains of Tacoma, Washington, where she frequently spent time outdoors.

Sydney Sweeney's new Bai campaign.
Sydney Sweeney’s new Bai campaign.

“My mom would take my little brother and I to this waterfall next to a huge huckleberry patch, and we would take garbage bags, cut them up, put ourselves inside them and slide down the waterfall,” Sweeney reminisced.

It isn’t a far cry from the remote setting of “Immaculate,” which takes place in the Italian countryside. Sweeney was drawn to the project after auditioning for the film a decade ago.

“It never got made, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” Sweeney said. “I kept dreaming up how I’d want to film it, the cinematography, everything. I would call my agent almost every year being like, ‘Whatever happened to this?’ And then I thought, ‘Maybe I should take this into my own hands and see if I can make it myself.'”

After acquiring rights to the script under her production banner, Fifty-Fifty Films, Sweeney assisted in casting her fellow “White Lotus” alum, Simona Tabasco. One of the show’s executive producers, David Bernard, also produced “Immaculate.”

While Sweeney was raised Catholic, the actress didn’t take any inspiration from her upbringing to play Cecilia, whose devout beliefs drive her to become a nun.

“I grew up in a family that supported and believed in whatever their children wanted to support and believe,” Sweeney explained. “[Catholicism] wasn’t something was forced or pushed onto me or my brother.”

Sydney Sweeney at Bai's Raspberry Lemon Lime launch event on March 7 in New York.
Sydney Sweeney at Bai’s raspberry lemon lime launch event on March 7 in New York.

Between busy filming schedules, becoming a first-time “Saturday Night Live” host and traveling to Paris for Miu Miu’s fall 2024 show, Sweeney still finds time to prioritize wellness.

“It’s really important to take time for yourself. I like to take my dog Tank on walks and hikes,” she said.

She credits Bai’s added benefits, which include antioxidants and electrolytes, for helping her stay hydrated, though she’s also a stickler for skincare. The actress serves as a global ambassador for Laneige, a beauty brand best known for their viral lip masks.

Sweeney doesn’t shy away from indulging, however — in fact, some of her favorite snacks on set include sweets. “I love Sour Patch Kids, Reese’s cups, Twix bars, barbecue chips. I’m not the healthiest eater,” she laughed.

Sweeney’s raspberry lemon lime Bai flavor is available to shop now at major retailers including Amazon, Kroger and Publix.

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