'Sweetest Little Munchkin': Rescued Possum Attracts New Yorkers at Manhattan Park

A rescued possum named Miss Kenny Rogers attracted the attention of New Yorkers at Tompkins Square Park, video uploaded on August 4 shows.

Video recorded by Ed Quinn shows the leashed marsupial crawl and sniff about, as several park-goers stop by asking questions, intrigued by the long-tailed animal.

“This is amazing,” a person is heard saying while petting the possum.

“Her owner Cara, shown holding her in [the] hat, rescued her two years ago as a baby found on the side of a road in Alabama,” Quinn told Storyful. “New Yorkers by and large seem to love her.” Credit: Ed Quinn via Storyful

Video Transcript

- She's told big but little. Like, she's so little.

- Yeah. I think she weighs, like, 6 pounds.

- This is amazing.

- It was, like, my COVID passion project.

- She's so cute.

- But yeah. She is a healthy, healthy girl. She's got a crazy awesome diet.

- Oh, my God. That is, like, the sweetest little munchkin.

- It's kind of-- she could, yeah. And so they help it-- it helps them balance.

- Play with the dogs and stuff?

- No. She does. She's, like-- I mean, she's, like, the laziest animal.

- That little nose.

- She has--

- Clearly.