Sweet dog seen carrying own bag of dog food during Harvey goes viral

Hannah Kramer

After Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas as a Category 4 storm, there have been reports of catastrophic damage, deadly flooding and incredible tales of survival.

Some animals were the first to be evacuated by their owners. Others, however, were abandoned and left to ride out the 130 mph winds and rain on their own. Slowly, heartbreaking footage of these animals emerged on social media in an effort to draw attention to Texas' plight.

One of these viral shots included a dog, alone, carrying a bag of dog food in his mouth in the small town of Stinton, Texas. Amazed by the dog, who was unwilling to part with his food, Tiele Dockens took a photo of the scene and posted it to social media.

Shared on Facebook nearly 40,000 times, the snapshot went viral. Tiele eventually found his owner, Salvador Segovia, after following the dog to make sure he wasn't lost. Clearly, the pup was on a mission.

It turns out Otis, a 6-year-old German shepherd mix, is quite a celebrity around town. He's been known to wander around before, always adored by locals at the stores. And he knows exactly where his owner gets his dog food.

But when the storm hit, Otis got spooked and escaped from his family's screened-in porch. His owner suspects he made his way to one of the stores in search of a meal.

"I'm thinking he picked up that dog food and he knew where it was. Nobody was there to feed him, and he picks up the dog food," said Segovia to the Washington Post.

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