Sweet dad gives daughter purple balayage with stunningly beautiful results: ‘That little girl is so loved’

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A loving dad is going viral for the special bond he has with his daughter — and for his beautiful DIY balayage job!

Father and TikToker, @ToddlerTok, gained over a million collective views when he uploaded this footage of his at-home salon day for his daughter – and TikTokers’ hearts are melting.

In the first video, Dad starts off by brushing out his little girl’s hair, sectioning it off, applying the color in foils, and letting it sit for about 45 minutes.

To complete the salon experience for his little girl, Dad even gives her a mani/pedi to “pass the time” while the dye sits.

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But Dad didn’t stop at coloring his daughter’s hair! After a good rinse, it was time to style his baby girl’s hair — and to reveal the final results of his at-home purple balayage!

Once her hair is blown out, Dad grabs the curling iron and gets to work.

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He gently curls each section — being careful to shield her head against the hot curling iron with his own hand — until the styling is complete.

That’s when he reveals his little girl’s beautiful purple balayage, lovingly styled and curled by his own hand.

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‘I love the bond they have together…’

TikTok comments poured in by the thousands — not only congratulating Dad on his impressive dye job but also lauding the special connection he shares with his little girl.

“It looks great! What a beautiful video. I’m not sure I knew daughter-dads like this really existed. She will definitely know her worth. Love it!” one user wrote.

“Nothing warms my heart more than seeing men loving their kids and being good dads,” another user shared.

“Watching these makes me glad there are men in the world out here making an effort to make the girls feel special; it sets the tone for life,” commented another user.

“A dad who’s not afraid to learn things for their kids. Give this man ‘Dad of the Year’ award!” one user wrote.

“I love the bond they have together,” wrote another user.

“When you started painting her nails, I cried,” another user commented.

“That little girl is so loved,” one user wrote.

“If my husband isn’t like this, he is going in the bin!” joked another user.

“She is going to remember moments like this for the rest of her life,” wrote another user.

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