Sweden asks Norway to help as fire on timber ship threatens to spread

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Timber cargo burns on Almirante Storni vessel off Gothenburg

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden has asked Norway for assistance in fighting a fire that started on a cargo ship carrying timber off Sweden's west coast on Saturday as it risks spreading, authorities said.

Harsh weather had so far made it difficult to extinguish the fire. The Swedish coast guard said it was now hoping to tow the vessel, Almirante Storni, into a port or calm conditions.

"That would increase our chances of carrying out a more efficient work," a coast guard spokesperson said.

There was no imminent risk of an oil spill as fuel tanks were not yet affected, the spokesperson said.

The fire had not spread to the ship itself, but the heat was spreading throughout the cargo, increasing the risk that the fire would gain strength, he said.

He added that neighbouring Norway would assist Swedish authorities later on Wednesday in efforts to extinguish the fire, which was continuing into its fifth day.

There have been no injuries related to the fire on Almirante Storni, which contains 600 tonnes of fuel and is anchored off Gothenburg.

The crew of 17 has not been evacuated from the vessel, which sails under the Liberian flag.

(Reporting by Helena Soderpalm; Editing by Angus MacSwan)

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