‘Suspicious’ animal deaths in Citrus Heights likely caused by coyotes, police say

·1 min read
Xavier Mascareñas

Authorities in Citrus Heights say a recent spate of dead animals being reported with suspicious-looking injuries are likely the work of a coyote.

“We are aware of social media posts in local groups involving some deceased animals being found in Citrus Heights with suspicious injuries,” the Citrus Heights Police Department said in a Facebook post. “Our Animal Services Officers have determined these are likely caused by a #coyote.”

The Police Department advised residents to take measures such as securing garbage lids, bringing pets inside at night, not leaving pet food outside and avoiding bird feeders to dissuade coyotes and their prey.

Anyone who sees a dead or injured animal should immediately report it to their local animal control agency, the department said. More information can be found the Citrus Heights Police Department’s animal control webpage.

Coyotes frequent the Sacramento area, and have been spotted everywhere from the suburbs to the midtown grid.

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