Suspects stole gun, cars, broke into garage in overnight crime spree, Lexington police say

At least three suspects are still at large after going on an overnight crime spree, stealing cars and burglarizing a garage, according to the Lexington Police Department.

The incidents started in the evening hours of Nov. 27 and continued into the next morning. Detective Kristyn Klingshirn, a liaison for Bluegrass Crime Stoppers, said the suspects started by stealing a car on Manitoba Lane.

The suspects drove the stolen car to the Masterson Station neighborhood, where they attempted to break into multiple vehicles, according to Klingshirn. The first stolen vehicle was abandoned in Masterson Station, but they stole a second vehicle.

The suspects drove the second stolen vehicle to a residence on Chinoe Road, according to police. Klingshirn said the suspects broke into a vehicle in the driveway, used a garage door opener to access the garage and broke into another vehicle inside a garage, stealing a firearm in the process.

One of the vehicles suffered heavy damage, according to Klingshirn.

The second stolen vehicle was also recovered by police, but the stolen firearm is still missing, according to Klingshirn.

Another gun was found in one of the abandoned vehicles, but it was never reported stolen.

“That firearm looks like it may have been used in a shooting that didn’t appear to have any victims a few months ago,” Klingshirn said.

Anyone with information about the suspects or the incidents is encouraged to contact Lexington police at 859-258-3600. Anonymous tips can be submitted to Bluegrass Crime Stoppers.

Home surveillance footage from a home in the Masterson Station neighborhood captured one of the suspects attempting to break into vehicles parked in the driveway. While doing so, the suspects dropped something in the driveway. Klingshirn said the item did not help further the investigation.

Lexington police have been adamant in warning people to keep vehicles locked or keep valuable items out of vehicles, especially during the holiday season.

“It’s a busy time of year. You’re out shopping, doing a lot of different things, family events and whatnot, just double-check yourself,” Klingshirn said.