People Are Using This Video About Pesto To Share Wild Stories And More Internet Trends You'll Want To See

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So what's happening online these days, you ask? Two words: Susi. Pesto. When TikTok creator @susi.vidal posted her homemade pesto recipe, she probably didn't expect thousands of people (including Hank Green) to stitch it with their wildest stories. But they did and for that sweet, sweet entertainment, we are grateful.

Over on Instagram, Paris Hilton found herself defending her infant son from haters after posting an adorable photo of her new-mom life. Taking to her stories, she shared some thoughts on being in the public eye and shared her son is healthy and has a "big brain."

And on Twitter, an old interview clip of a baby Justin Bieber is going viral for his mature handling of some tough questions in response to a Twitter trend of sharing your favorite interview clips. I kind of feel like he's thinking "she should go and love herself" here.

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And — just to bring it full circle — back on TikTok, we're seeing a new trend emerge of revealing what you got your degree in and how you'll use it...except it's not what you think.

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AKA, where we round up the last few enjoyable things around the internet.

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I want to enroll at Yale just to eat these pancakes.

Twilight season has begun, and I'm here for it.

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Britney's memoir release is a day that will live in my mind forever.

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Crochet animal balloons > balloon animal balloons.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go dive into The Woman in Me and sip on some of that hot tea. Until next time!

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