“Survivor” player predicts 'something crazy to go down' due to solar eclipse

Something totally bonkers is about to go down on Survivor this season. We can't tell you what it is exactly. Not because it is a spoiler, mind you, but because we truly have no idea. But make no mistake: It's happening.

That's what one cast member of Survivor 45 (which premieres tonight on CBS) told us before the season started filming. Not only that, but she even gave us the date it would happen! "On April 19th, 20th. I think something crazy is going to go down," Kendra McQuarrie told us a few days before the game began.

Survivor 45
Survivor 45

Robert Voets/CBS Kendra McQuarrie of "Survivor 45'

And what was she basing this on? Well, it seems Kendra is suuuuuper into astrology and has her eyes on the skies. "I think something [will happen] because there's going to be a solar eclipse, and I'm really into astrology and I'm into the energies that we're all being affected by."

Apparently, that solar eclipse is going to unleash some serious energies that could turn players temporarily cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs. "Some people don't know that they're being affected by them," Kendra says of the energies. "Some people tune into them a little bit more. So on April 19th, 20th, I think some s--- is going to go down."

What makes this bold prediction even more exciting is that filming on Survivor 45 began on April 17, so that means the "s--- is going to go down" on day three or four of the game. So get your popcorn ready for some major high jinks.

Survivor 45
Survivor 45

Robert Voets/CBS The cast of 'Survivor 45'

But that is merely one of 18 bold predictions, because we asked the entire Survivor 45 cast before the game to lock in their guesses as to what was about to go down. Who predicted that "they're going to do away with Advantagepalooza"? And who went in the completely opposite direction and insisted that "there will be at least three people who don't have a vote at one point in time"? Who thought the Loved Ones will be back, and who predicted that "somebody is going to voluntarily leave to help another player"? Watch the video above to see the entire cast lay down their bold predictions, and then you decide who has the boldest of them all.

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