“Survivor 46 ”exclusive deleted scene shows hyped-up Q refusing to lose

“Survivor 46 ”exclusive deleted scene shows hyped-up Q refusing to lose

He's even trying to fight a camera.

If you have not been watching Survivor 46 so far this season, let me sum it up for you real quick: It’s been a rough one for the Yanu tribe. They came in last place in the first immunity challenge. They came in last place in the second immunity challenge. They came in last place in the third immunity challenge. And then — wait for it — they came in last place the fourth immunity challenge.

And because they kept coming in last place, they never received their flint, meaning they were unable to make fire and, you know, eat food. So suffice it to say, it’s been a pretty brutal run. In fact, the tribe’s only good news came in the form of another team's player getting injured and having to be medically evacuated out of the game, sparing them from eliminating one of their own. (Although judging by how things were going with Bhanu on the beach, maybe that was actually bad luck as well.)

<p>CBS</p> Kenzie Petty and Q Burdette on 'Survivor 46'


Kenzie Petty and Q Burdette on 'Survivor 46'

The point is… they’ve lost. A lot. At least until this week, when Yanu finally did not come in last in an immunity competition. Huzzah! They didn’t win it, mind you. Don’t be silly. Let’s not get crazy over here. But they did not come in last either, barely eking out a second place finish and getting to avoid the steely gaze of one Jeffrey Probst at Tribal Council. And in an exclusive deleted scene from the episode, we are able to bear witness to the Yanu tribe’s mood before the challenge.

In the clip, which can be watched above, we see Yanu read out the Tree Mail with clues about the upcoming contest, correctly deducing that the competition will involve using a slingshot. Hey, off to a good start already!

After Kenzie Petty tries to rally the troops by noting that “We got to win it. Let's send somebody else to Tribal for the first time on day 11,” Q Burdette tells us that it’s time to flip the script on Yanu’s losing streak. “We have a challenge that I refuse to lose today,” says Q. “Today, we're fighting for our chance at holding the tribe immunity, and also flint — fire. And if there's a reward attached to today's challenge, 11 days, we can finally have fire, food. The streak stops!”

<p>CBS</p> Kenzie Petty on 'Survivor 46'


Kenzie Petty on 'Survivor 46'

Later, Coach Q puts things in more stark terms, while also giving himself and his teammates props. “Today is do or die for the Yanu tribe. Moving forward, this is the three that I think can do the most damage in this game.” (Really? Based on what, exactly? Also, there are only three of you left sooo…)

But Q is fired up! So fired up, in fact, that he starts shadow boxing with the camera — which, on the surface, would seem to be a decidedly one-sided match, but forget it, he’s rolling. “Whatever comes today, here’s my fighter stance, baby!” Q proclaims while bobbing and weaving “Shoulders rocking, head’s moving. Oh, what's up? Dip! You got that? Oh, give me that one.”

And then, as if to explain his attempts to fight either a camera or a camera operator, Q finishes by noting, “That's what I'm doing today, because today is the day Yanu finally hosts that sweet baby immunity.”

<p>CBS</p> Q Burdette on 'Survivor 46'


Q Burdette on 'Survivor 46'

Well, it turned out Q was right, as a second-place finish did indeed lead to the baby immunity (or “Frodo” or “Tiki Man”, depending on who is addressing it). But considering Yanu was in last place for the vast majority of the challenge and only scraped out a second-place finish after the Siga tribe — which had to sit out three players — could not hit their targets, perhaps Q should not get too ahead of himself.

But let the man enjoy his moderate success. I suppose it may be going too far to say they “earned” it considering the tribe’s epic run of futility, but at least they head into the merge on an albeit pretty slim winning streak. Check out the exclusive deleted scene for yourself at the top of the article.

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