Surfer’s high-tech solo trek from California to Hawaii halted by electronic glitch

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A surfer who embarked on a solo trip last week from Half Moon Bay in California to Hawaii had his journey cut short due to a technical issue.

Chris Bertish, who set out for a 2,400-mile journey from Pilla Point Harbor in a custom-made boat with a handheld sail, diverted to Morro Bay on Sunday when his “main electronics systems drained overnight,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Bertish wrote in an Instagram post Monday that after he reached the Big Sur region, his electronics system drained and he “went onto my sea anchor until morning.” Bertish said he realized he couldn’t make it across the Pacific Ocean without recharging his systems.

“When this happens at near the end of your journey, you find a way to make it work and get to the finish, but when it happens at the beginning of your expedition and you have the choice to correct it or move forward despite not addressing it appropriately, this is the definition of foolish and reckless,” Bertish wrote.

Bertish is taking his boat to Berkeley for repairs and may have broken a world record for traveling 212 miles on his wing-foil boat unsupported, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bertish said he planned to restart the trip “either over the next month or early next season, depending on everything needing to get updated and fixed.”

“Thanks everyone for the amazing support all over the world and from my beautiful (fianceé) and team,” he wrote on Instagram. “It’s just the start, reset and keep moving forward!”

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