‘Superman & Lois’ Co-Star Jordan Elsass Exits, Jonathan Kent Role to Be Recast

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Jordan Elsass will not reporise his role as Jonathan Kent in the upcoming third season of “Superman & Lois.”

The actor “has notified the Studio that he will not be returning to ‘Superman & Lois’ for season three due to personal reasons,” Warner Bros. Television said in a statement. “The role of Jonathan Kent will be recast.”

Representatives for Elsass did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

In the show, Elsass played Jonathan Kent, one of the twin sons of Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch). Other twin son Jordan Kent is played by Alexander Garfin. The show falls under the CW’s “Arrowverse” umbrella of DC Comic content which includes “The Flash,” “Supergirl” and “Legendes of Tomorrow.”

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Elsass posted to Instagram later in June announcing that he would be taking a step back from social media. The post itself shows a notes app page that reads “Bow not to self pity and depreciation. Do not let hopelessness reep in like a cancer. Instead Rejoice in the grace you have been given Look forward unto dawn to new beginnings.”

The note is titled “Hang your head low not at your failures.”

In the caption, Elsass wrote “This is a big one. I won’t be on social media for quite some time, I’m not exactly sure how long yet, but at least a good couple weeks.”

“I’ve been struggling recently with a number of things all pretty much revolving around mental health and well-being,” he continued. “I wrote this poem I don’t know if you can really call it a poem, I’ve never written one before so I don’t really know what qualifies as or constitutes one but this was my best attempt.”

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“I’m headed to a facility for a month to get the mental health back on track, and get the tools I need so I can help myself, because right now I can’t,” he added later on in the caption. “For so long I felt weak, I felt like my problems weren’t real and that everyone else’s were bigger than mine. I felt that I needed to “man up” and deal with it internally. As you might imagine things got progressively worse over the past couple of years. I’m finally ready to get help and It’s a huge, huge sacrifice.”

The carousel post also shows slides of Elsass meeting Steve Downes, who voices Master Chief in the Halo video game.

“I want you to know this because I also bet almost every single one of you has or is feeling the exact same way. You are sick of the same cycle over and over. You are sick of feeling like you don’t have a purpose. So let me tell you; you DO have a purpose,” Elsass ended his caption. “There is a plan for you. And don’t let ANYONE and I mean ANYONE tell you otherwise. You CAN do this. Ask for help, change your life. Don’t live in fear. Don’t live in regret. Don’t live in pain. Finish the fight.”

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