Superman & Lois boss on plans to make Jonathan bisexual

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Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

Superman & Lois won't necessarily adapt the DC Comics storyline of Jonathan Kent's bisexuality.

This insight was delivered by showrunner Todd Helbing in a recent TVLine piece, when he answered whether or not the superhero drama will dive deeper into the character's sexuality in future episodes.

Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

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"We're certainly not opposed to exploring it," he noted. "But the way our character was set up, it feels like the comic book story and what we're doing are two separate stories.

"I don't think that we will, but we're certainly not opposed to it."

This echoes what Jonathan actor Jordan Elsass shared in November, explaining to ComicBook: "That is the comic version of the character. This character is a different Earth, it's a different version. There's always that possibility, but it's looking like Jonathan Kent, this version, is most likely straight. We don't even know if he has powers at this point."

Photo credit: The CW
Photo credit: The CW

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Elsewhere, ex-Superman & Lois writer Nadria Tucker previously spoke about wanting to increase diversity amongst the cast, saying that she felt there was a missed opportunity in one particular area when those issues were not addressed by showrunner Todd Helbing in a prime area of casting.

"We pushed for diversity in the beginning with some of the castings of Martha and Jonathan Kent. Because they're Superman's adoptive parents, they can be literally anything in the world," she said. "Stuff like that just adds up, and you see the results on the screen."

Superman & Lois airs on The CW in the US, and BBC One in the UK. All episodes are now available on BBC iPlayer.

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