How to make a super easy & delicious spam onigirazu

📌 Check It Out: About Rice In This Video My Favorite Rice for Cooking is "Nishiki". I Always Buy it on Amazon for Convenience and Quality! 👉 ============================================================= Get creative with your bento box with this delicious Spam Onigirazu recipe featuring two options - plain and with kimchi! Onigirazu is the rice version of sandwich that can be made with various ingredients as you like. Today, we will make 2 types of Onigirazu using the popular ingredients, spam and kimchi. While it's very easy to make, it's colorful and looks gorgeous! You can enjoy with your eyes and tongue. Also great for lunch boxes, potlucks, finger food at parties, and more! In this cooking recipe video, we show you step-by-step how to make two versions of this flavorful and satisfying rice sandwich that is a twist on the traditional Japanese onigiri. The plain Spam Onigirazu is made with spam and seasoned rice, while the kimchi version adds a spicy kick. Both versions are wrapped in a sheet of seaweed for a delicious and portable meal. This dish is perfect for a quick and easy lunch or as a meal-prep option. With key ingredients like spam, rice, seaweed, and kimchi, this Spam Onigirazu recipe offers two delicious options to choose from. Subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to never miss a recipe! ============================================================= 📌 You Can Get Those Ingredients Which I Used in This Video on Amazon: ============================================================= ❥ Nori (Roasted Seaweed) 👉 ❥ Dried Bonito Flakes 👉 ❥ Japanese Maonnaise 👉 ❥ Sesame Oil 👉 ❥ Soy Sauce 👉 ❥ You Can Make Your Own Kimuchee With This Kumuchi Base Sauce! (You just need to marinate vegetables with this sauce) 👉 ============================================================= ============================================================= 🎵 This video's music is royalty-free and can be found on 👉 “Listening Through You” by Jonatan Mollberg ============================================================= Preparing Fillings: 00:30 Lettuce 01:32 Kimchi 02:30 Spam 04:14 Cooking Kimchi 04:51 Cooking Spam 05:52 Cooking Egg 07:09 Seasoning Rice 07:53 Nori 08:45 Putting it all together ● Ingredients (for 2 onigirazu) ・Rice ... 3/4 cup ・Spam ... 1/3 can ・Eggs ... 2 ・Lettuce … Appropriate amount ・Kimchi ... appropriate amount ・Nori ... 2 sheets ・Dried bonito flakes pack ... 1/3 ・Mayonnaise ・Olive oil ・Sesame oil ・Soy sauce ● Cooking Recipe ① Wash the rice by changing the water about 3 times, then add the specified amount of water and cook it. ② Wash lettuce, drain well, and cut into the size which fit in 10 cm square. ③ Cut the kimchi into small pieces, drain and fry with a little olive oil. Lastly, add a little sesame oil and mix. ④ Cut the spam lengthwise into 6 equal parts and cook in a frying pan until it becomes light brown on the surface. Remaining spam is wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the freezer ⑤ Fry Eggs double-sided, crashing the yoke spreading over whole. ⑥ Add bonito flakes to half the amount of rice, add a little soy sauce and mix. Add sesame oil and a pinch of salt to the other half and mix ⑦ Cut the middle half of Nori, place it on a kitchen paper sheet, and poke holes with a fork. ⑧ Put lettuce + mayonnaise + spam, egg, sesame oil flavored rice, sesame oil flavored rice in order from the bottom left to the right for each 1/4 block of the nori, and fold from the bottom left ⑨ On top of another sheet of nori, place spam, lettuce + mayonnaise + kimchi, dried bonito mixed rice + egg, dried bonito mixed rice and fold from the bottom left. ⑩ Wrap the folded rice ball tightly in plastic wrap and let it sit for 15 minutes, then cut it in half for serving. ● Cooking tips ・Poke holes in the seaweed with a fork before wrapping to make it easier to bite off. ・You could also simply put the ingredients on top of the nori and just wrap it in it, but in that way, when you eat it, the ingredients may overflow and fall down and be difficult to eat. ・When folding onigirazu, it works well if you fold each block tightly together. #japanesefood #onigirazu #howtomakeonigirazu #spamonigirazu #onigirazurecipe #riceball #japanesefoodrecipe